2014 ABNC Competitors

The Competitors! 

Our first artist to qualify for the Art Battle National Championship is Jennifer Walden from Yellowknife!

1. Jennifer Walden – Yellowknife, NWT

abnc-Jennifer Walden (2)

“My work is highly textured, expressionistic and filled with emotion. It aims to capture to wild beauty of the world around me. I use bright vibrant colours and deep sculptural relief to cover the canvas.”

2. John Boivin – Whitehorse, YT

abnc-John Boivin

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario on a diet of comic books and fantasy paperback cover art. After moving to Yukon in 2000 John began creating plein wire works. He uses no photos in his work, relying on close observation and careful memorization of the shapes, colour and forms of the landscape to complete plein air works in studio


3. Maliciouz – Montréal, QC


“Her work is tinged with tribal aesthetics and set with various references to Black history and myths, that she adapts to contemporary times.”


4. Lindsay MacKay – Fredericton, NB

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 7.46.45 PM

Trained as a graphic designer, Lindsay’s keen eye for composition, coupled with her innate sense of texture is what draws you to her work.

People are attracted to the texture and glass-like finish of my paintings. Touch is encouraged to assimilate the full sensory experience and emotion of my work.”


More Competitors to be announced as the qualify for the 2014 Art Battle National Championship!