Art Battle St Catharines: Winter Showdown!

Welcome to the Art Battle® St Catharines!

Tonight, top artists from St Catharines will compete to be crowned the Art Battle St Catharines Event Winner. Your votes will decide who wins!

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The Tournament
This is event is part of the Art Battle Canada regular season, the winner will move on to the St Catharines City Finals in June. The winner of the City Finals will be invited to the Art Battle Canada National Championship in July 2019 [/bg_collapse]

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The Rules

Art Battle is a timed, three-round live painting competition consisting of two Preliminary Rounds and a Final Round.

Each artist is provided with the same canvas, acrylic paint, basic equipment, and their easel. Artists bring only their brushes or other non-mechanical tools. No at-easel references. No outside material or tools (ex. tape) may remain on the canvas. No pre-made stencils.

At the end of each Preliminary Round, the audience votes for their favorite painting. The top two artists from each will compete in a four-way Final Round for the title of St Catharines City Champion and an invitation to the Art Battle Canada National Championship.


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1-1 Alison Innes
1-2 Andrea Letourneau
1-3 Caroline Holroyd
1-4 Catherine Murphy
1-5 Brigitte Winchester
2-1 Emma Silver
2-2 Saul Simon
2-3 Pooneh Fatemi
2-4 Dope Chief
2-5 Jay Ramdhanie
2-6 Robyn Lightwalker


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Art Auction
Take a unique piece home with you tonight. All 16 works created tonight are available for purchase through the silent auction. [/bg_collapse]

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Highest quality products. Fast and $5 or less shipping.

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Corporate & Private Events
We provide a range of engaging entertainment options for audiences from 10 to 1000 at company retreats, holiday parties, product launches, client appreciation events, and for team-building fun.
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Battles for a good cause…
Our fundraising and awareness events feature both interactive performances and an exciting auction of the artworks created by All-Star Art Battle artists.
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@artbattle on Instagram
@artbattleStCatharines on Instagram


AB 727 – St Catharines, ON
Wednesday, December 19th @ 7:30pm
Warehouse Concert Hall
11 Geneva St, St Catharines, ON