Anna Rutherford: Snow





Medium: Oil and acrylic on canvas.
Dimensions: 18×24
Depth: 1.5

About the Artist:

Anna Rutherford’s newest body of work, ‘Eyes as Ears’ is a symbolic balance between complexity and insight. Lively Octopi are integrated amongst heavy textured backgrounds. Merging her well known abstract works with new subject matter. Anna’s mischievous new subject matter, the octopus, posses a combination of realistic and caricature, mixed with humanistic features. Anna’s paintings are executed with an  acrylic textured base, with oil paint to add subject matter and color.

Each octopi is uniquely painted to encompass their own identity and personality. Anna does so with placement on the canvas, direction and movement of limbs, and color. Evoking gestures or actions in reference to human tendencies. Emphasizing human like qualities to give unique personalities into a rather expressionless creature. With inspiration coming from interactions between reality and intuition.