Chicago (Wicker Park, Double Door) 11:8:2014

Art Battle Chicago 2014 Championship featured Mike Stidham, Ennis Martin, Lisa Grey and Sarah Danielle Stewart in a large format 90 minute battle. A nearly split crowd ended up tilting to the side of Sarah Danielle Stewart over Ennis Martin in an almost too close to call battle. [envira-gallery id=”33462″]

New York (Chelsea, The Wall) 6:28:13

Art Battle Spain Champion El Niño de Las Pinturas comes to NYC to battle the best artists in the arena Ben Angotti, Andre Trenier but, before they battle the three artists collaborate on a giant indoor mural. On the big night the mural is unveiled the wild-card round begins featuring Art Battle US champion in Paris 2012 Lexi Bella vs. MDot, … Read More

New York (Hell’s Kitchen, Yotel) 6:3:12

Art Battle Barcelona Champion KRAM comes to NYC to battle local legends Pesu, Zito, and Rizz22 in Hell’s Kitchen. In a festive environment with contortionists, facepainting, and musical performers Art Battle artists went head to head to increase their ranking. In the end Zito represented his city with a powerful portrait of Christopher Walken, but not all was lost for our Barcelona … Read More

Los Angeles (Downtown LA, Exchange LA) 5:10:2012

Four LA based Art Battle All-Stars (Concep, Gregory Siff, Miranda Maxwell and Vishva Karma) compete to represent the US in Paris at the Art Battle 2012 International Championships.  The music by Cannibal Flower kept the artists painting at the top of their game and the crowd soaking up the artistic vibes. In the end Vishva Karma was the crowd’s favorite and … Read More

Barcelona 11:5:11

In the final battle in Barcelona during a rain storm everything was at stake. Antonio Zito was battling for a solo victory in the International Barcelona Tournament, while El Niño de las Pinturas was battling KRAM for the title of Spanish Champion. All of the artists made incredible pieces in 90 minutes on 2m x 2m canvases. With a tight vote the … Read More

All-Star battle featuring NYC team (Max330Mega, DonRimx, Antonio “El Peligroso” Zito, and Sean Bono) and ES team (Japon, El Niño de las Pinturas, Daniel Thomas, KRAM) in an every person for themselves battle. In this battle everyone’s ranking is at stake and we are getting closer to finding the Spanish Champion. In a double upset NY based artist Antonio Zito took the … Read More

Barcelona 10:29:11

Spain team consisting of El Niño de las Pinturas, KRAM, Daniel Thomas, and Japon took on the American competitors with a fun and classic style featuring “Funk Stars”.  The NYC team of Antonio Zito, Sean Bono, DonRimx and Max330Mega created a gritty city scene, and in the end the audiences voice was heard and Spain won the team battle. [envira-gallery … Read More

Barcelona 10:22:11

NY All-Star team consisting of Antonio Zito, Sean Bono, Max Bode, and DonRimx were introduced to the Barcelona audience by NY legend Flaco Navaja. This was a kick off battle for the big international contest. With his masterful can control and style DonRimx wow’d the Barcelona audience and won the battle. [envira-gallery id=”31887″]  

Valencia 6:2:2011

The battle for Valencia became a battle between two Americans as Andre Trenier and Michael Pukac traded win for win and this time the win goes to the ambidextrous LA based artist Michael Pukac. [envira-gallery id=”32096″]