New York (Times Square, MTV) 6:5:07

In the center of Times Square NYC an epic New York battle went down on the MTV terraces. Artists Brian Ermanski, Concep, Nick Poe, Martina Kubinyi, Ben Angotti, Ellie Pyle, Kevin Ragnott, and Leif Mcilwaine threw down while host ESPO kept the public informed. After a feature in Times Square and a live vote on MTV Brooklyn based artist Concep … Read More

New York (45e Houston) 9:4:01

In downtown NYC 4 days before the 9/11 tragedy, Art Battle hosted it’s first public battle. It was an amazing celebration of art and culture in downtown NYC artists Ben Angotti, Sean Bono, Mr. Metro battled it out for 2 hours before the crowd chose NYC’s native son Maximillian Bode as it’s champion. [envira-gallery id=”33528″]