Porsche Canada x Art Battle 2022 Championship Tournament


Wednesday, July 20th
Doors @ 7pm
Liberty Grand Governors Ballroom
25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto
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National Finalists

2019 Defending Champion
Allan Andre – IG:Art.life.andre (AB History, Recent Painting)

Vancouver Island
Joanne Purdy – IG: Joannepurdyart (AB History, Recent Painting)

BC Mainland
KHAN – IG:Khanartistyvr (AB History, Recent Painting)

Dimitri Sirenko – IG: Dimitrisirenko  (AB History, Recent Painting)

Ontario Southwest
Moumita Roychowdhury – IG: Moumita.dg (AB History, Recent Painting)

Enrique Bravo – IG: Enrique_bravo_sananes  (AB History, Recent Painting)

Katrina Canedo – IG: Kat_cee (AB History, Recent Painting)

Gord Coulthart – IG: Gordoncoulthart (AB History, Recent Painting)

Zoya Tavangar – IG: Tavangarart (AB History, Recent Painting)

Atlantic Canada
Ji Hyang Ryu – IG: Jihyangryuart (AB History, Recent Painting)

Atlantic Canada
Taqwa Mahmood – IG: Taqwartnl (AB History, Recent Painting)



With thousands of artists represented in competitions across dozens of Canadian cities, the Art Battle community is deeply connected to Art in Canada. Artists are welcome to apply nationwide, and we are always interested in getting in touch with people or organizations interested in becoming local Art Battle® event producers

The excitement doesn’t stop at the talent!  Art Battle’s unique format is composed of three fast-paced rounds, the winner of each based on audience votes.  Art Battle crowd members are able to see the creative process of each painting unfold as they circle the competitors in each round and choose their favorite.  The top two competitors from rounds one and two progress to the third and final round, after which one audience-voted artist is crowned this year’s Art Battle National Champion.  The atmosphere of DJ spun beats encouraging enthusiasm from the entire room mixed with the anticipation of competition is invigorating for painters and guests alike.