2013 Art Battle National Championship

On Friday, July 26th, you are invited to see the greatest Art Battle event ever. More than 600 people will join us at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) for a truly National Championship. After more than 98 rounds and 250 painters, one night remains in this amazing season of live competitive painting, and we have saved the best for … Read More

Kate Puxley

Kate Puxley is an artist based in Montreal, currently working mostly in taxidermy and charcoal. She is known for her unique ability to combine everyday objects and “found animals” to create works that challenge the viewer to think about the relationship between the natural and man made worlds. Kate has painted with in Art Battle 4, as well Art Battle 48, … Read More

Omar “Oms” Hopkinson

Omar Hopkinson is one of Ottawa’s most celebrated live painters. Known as ‘Oms’ (pronounced ‘Oh-mmmms’) to those close to him, he is originally from Toronto and has been classically trained at OCAD and Toronto School of Art. Oms has been a been a live performing artist for the past 15 years, doing shows in Toronto, Montréal, New York City, New Jersey and … Read More

Ron Kuwahara

      By Morgan Booth Ron Kuwahara is an artist based out of Halifax. After retiring from a successful career in science, Ron attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Univeristy earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and persuing his life long passion of becoming an artist. Ron’s current body of work focuses on emphasising patterns … Read More

Jacqueline Poirier

By Morgan Booth Jacqueline Poirier is an artist working in Toronto. Her beautiful imagery, colour and depth draws people together and encourages open discussion inspired by the love of art. She was the first ever Art Battle Grand Champion, winning the title at Art Battle Sweet 16 in July of 2011.  Having won more than 12 matches and two championships – Art … Read More

Irina Lipkin

By Morgan Booth   Irina Lipkin is a career live painter living in Toronto. Known for her uncanny ability to jump seamlessly from style to style with skill and commitment to every genre she takes on. A multidisciplinary artist, Irina cites graphic design, make-up artistry, scenic painting and theatre design among the many skills in her creative repertoire. We first … Read More

Tongson Chen

  By Morgan Booth Tongson Chen is a 23 year old painter living and working in Toronto. Tong’s current practice explores the use of salvaged materials from the streets of Toronto and mixed media to create a commentary on his city’s landscape. His multi-layered pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity while at the same time urging the viewer … Read More

Kate Taylor

 By Morgan Booth Kate Taylor is a painter and photographer working in Toronto. Inspired by florals and landscapes, Kate translates the world around her using paint, resin and palette knives into highly textural works swirling with movement and colour. Kate is in two abstract artist collectives ColourShift, and SolidColour, and has shown in over 27 different exhibitions in the last … Read More

Ingrid Singing Grass

By Morgan Booth   Ingrid Singing Grass is a painter working and living in Halifax. Ingrid uses painting as a source of catharsis and also as an expression of joy. Her emotional connectivity to each piece is shown in the bold and intuitive use of colour in her work.  We had Ingrid paint as  a competitor in the first ever … Read More