Collin Reynolds

Collin Reynolds is a Navy Officer and artist living and working in Halifax. Collin is known for his realist style of painting and pastel drawing, focusing on rich tones of colour and the playfulness of light. The skill in traditional technique he developed while growing up in North Bay, Ontario has allowed him to expand and explore his style with … Read More

Yared Nigussu

By Morgan Booth Yared Nigussu is an internationally renowned painter working out of Vancouver.  The saturated use of colour and free-flowing movement in his work keeps the eye darting from one brush stroke to the next. With a wide range of subject matter from portraits to landscapes, the vibrant expression and drama in each piece is undeniable. Yared holds the … Read More

Kyrra Kosar

By Morgan Booth Kyrra Kosar is a 21 year old painter and make-up artist working in Vancouver known for her use of delicate detail, and ability to capture the radiance of light. As an experienced Art Battle painter, Kyrra’s innovative use of washes combined with the poetic imagination of her work translate remarkably well from the studio into live painting. We … Read More

Jamil Keyani

By Morgan Booth Jamil Keyani is a multi disiplinary artist and designer working and living in Vancouver. Heavily involved in the live painting scene  there, Jamil has developed a bold, adventurous and ever evolving painting style. Champion painter of Art Battle 30 in 2012, he returns to the easel March 5th for a chance to be in the Art Battle National … Read More

Jin Hui Ung

By Morgan Booth Jin Hui Ung is an artist living and working in South Korea, he and his wife Venus are stopping by during their month long visit in Toronto to duel in Art Battle on Tuesday. A new comer to AB, but excited by the prospect of live painting, the exploratory nature and movement of Jin Hui’s paintings are … Read More

Sarah Lewis Steele

by Morgan Booth Sarah Lewis Steele is an Art Battle heavy weight, having competed in various Art Battles including taking the title in Art Battle at the Varley, Art Battle Leap Year, and in the 2012 National Championship. She is known for her impeccably detailed studio work (be sure to check out her speed painting video), and free flowing creativity … Read More