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AB2402 – Portland

February 18 @ 6:00 pm UTC-5

Art Battle Portland – Feb 18, 2023

Doors @ 6:00pm / Painting @ 7:00pm
Jaja PDX 819 SE Taylor St, Portland, OR

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Art Battle can’t wait to come to Portland!
Grab your best pals and join us for a wonderful evening of live art!
Come watch as artists compete with open materials to create their masterpieces in 3 rounds of 20 minutes.
All works auctioned and (your) audience vote the Winner of the night!
Be a part of the fun as a spectator, or participate as one of the featured artists by applying online at artbattle.com/artists!
Art Battle Portland is a 21+ event.




Artists can apply to compete. Also, most events have a ‘Wildcard’ easel, where artists leave their names at the door and we draw at random to pick the Wildcard Artist. To be a potential wildcard artist, just buy a ticket and show up!

Confirmed Competitors

Liesl Meissner

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Instagram: @lieslmeissner

Growing up in the high deserts, Liesl learned an appreciation for nature, beauty, and hard work early on. While her disciplines vary from painting to sculpture to photography, her focus remains on creating a relationship between the material and the viewer. /sf

From the artist:

I'm excited to paint with everyone and meet some great new people!
I'll try my best to make a masterpiece happen in a short time, but if I can't do that I'll do my best to at least be entertaining.

Suzanne Gelderloos (Suzie~q)

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Instagram: suzieq_artist

Suzanne's art is eclectic because she is constantly inspired by the beauty all around from a wide variety of topics. She enjoys painting with bright colors and topics that evoke thought and emotion./sf

From the artist:

I'm really excited to participate in this event!
I developed a love for graffiti style art when I stayed in Chicago as a teen. I love the bold colors. I started drawing at a young age but only started painting with oils in my 20's. I find inspiration in everything! Sometimes a concept for a painting or idea for a color pallet comes from the oddest place. Art is life for me! It's a way to cope and find excitement in the sometimes mechanical duties of the day to day grind.
I really hope you enjoy what I create in this tiny lil window of time 💗 Cheers!

"Art enables us to find ourselves and loose ourselves at the same time "

Molly Gregory

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Instagram: m.a.gregory

Molly is an artist who was born with paper, pencil and working in realism. She has since branched out into color, surrealism, woodworking and lights, but her favorite medium is coffee./sf

From the artist:

I am an artist and a maker who loves landscaping and working on old Volkswagens. My favorite medium to paint with is Coffee.


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Instagram: mngos_juju

JUJU is back again! An artist from Chicago, he is considered a bridge between street art and expressionism paintings. He is inspired by being able to showcase his works./sf

From the artist:

Happy to have made it to this event and I hope that my art not only impresses you all, but speaks to you in someway!

Mackenzie Iddings

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Mackenzie's art is bold and colorful. She focuses on evoking emotion through color abstraction and expressive mark making./sf

Aaron Gardener

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Aaron uses art as therapy. She is an oil painter and art teacher by trade./sf

From the artist:

I survive this overly intense world by creating a decoding system using color.

Each interaction I have becomes a colorful abstract piece in my head.

Once created, I can access that piece and re-experience emotion with rationality, love, hope and kindess.

My process and style represents the emotional freedom art can bring

Ryan Hill

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Instagram: ryan.hill.art

Drawing since he could remember, he began to oil paint at 12. His focus was on the nature of light and how it falls on objects and spaces./sf

From the artist:

I enjoy employing humor in my work, though I may be the only one who gets it.

Nikki Kitka

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Nikki is an acrylic artist based in SW Washington state. She has always enjoyed painting and has loved the feeling of giving art as a gift./sf

From the artist:

Hey, folks! I’m excited to participate in this madness and connect with fellow art-lovers.

Nikki 🎹


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Kat is a raw art expressionist from the Pacific Northwest that creates in a world of vivid color. She is a non-traditional artist that has had opportunities to create art for literary magazines, theatre productions, and more./sf

From the artist:

Dare to take your creative dreams and shoot them like rockets into the ether. You will be surprised with what inspires you to create. Dig deep, and your intuition will guide your artistic journey. Never stop pushing boundaries with your art and your medium. Embrace the chaos, be Raw, Be passionate !! Inspiration, innovation, and heart defines the artist.

Welcome to my spectacle! Find me on all the platforms, Facebook, insta, twitter, tik tok, or heck just google my name : Kat Templeton artist to Collect or Collab , let's make art happen! Let's create some magic!

Sheeja Puthanhouse

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Sheeja's artwork is a visual representation of her connection with nature and the beauty of the world around her. She uses textures and colors to evoke emotions and create a sense of depth and movement./sf

From the artist:

My artwork is a visual representation of my connection with nature and the beauty of the world around me. I use textures and colors to evoke emotions and create a sense of depth and movement. My goal is to transport the viewer to a different place and time, where they can feel the energy of the natural world."

"I am inspired by the colors and textures found in nature, and I strive to capture this beauty in my artwork. My use of impasto technique and palette knife allows me to create dynamic and expressive pieces that evoke a sense of movement and energy."

"I am drawn to the raw and natural beauty of the world and my artwork reflects that. Through the use of materials like paint, sand, stone, sawdust, paper, and cardboard, I create dynamic textures that evoke emotions and bring the viewer into the piece. I use impasto technique and palette knife to give my work depth and movements.

Anastasio Wrobel

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Instagram: @__stos__

Anastasio is a multi-process visual artist, an award-winning writer and currently a painter, poet and photographer, and illustrator./sf

From the artist:

Ready to give you a little taste of my creative process. Cannot wait to see what happens in 20 minutes during the art battle 😍

Corinne Dermond

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Instagram: Corinnedermondart

Corinne is a painter, builder, and designer. Currently creating at JaJa PDX in Portland, she explores the inner landscape with themes ranging from grief and depression to the highs of joy and giggles in between./sf

From the artist:

Super excited to participate in this event! Looking forward to passing along side and meeting many awesome artists!


February 18
6:00 pm UTC-5
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