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AB2455 – Quebec City

April 16 @ 5:00 pm EDT

Art Battle Quebec City – 16 Avril, 2023

Doors @ 5:00pm / Painting @ 6:00pm
Ninkasi Bar & Bistro 801, rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC

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Rejoignez-nous pour une soirée pleine de création et de communauté!

Venez admirer le travail de ces artistes qui réaliseront leur meilleure œuvre d’art devant vous en seulement 20 minutes. Observez le processus créatif et à la fin vos votes détermineront le grand gagnant de la soirée. Les œuvres seront disponibles grâce à l’encan silencieux durant l’événement.

Prenez part au plaisir pour la soirée ou alors devenez un des aspirants artistes en vous inscrivant sur le lien artbattle.com/artists!

18 en plus+++




Artists can apply to compete. Also, most events have a ‘Wildcard’ easel, where artists leave their names at the door and we draw at random to pick the Wildcard Artist. To be a potential wildcard artist, just buy a ticket and show up!

Confirmed Competitors

Nikah Benne

Instagram: nikahbenne

Nikah has been painting since she was 12. Her art is focused on the African diaspora, African American art, motherhood, children, and the likes of black people./sf

From the artist:

Hey My fellow Art Lovers,

I can't wait to be among this vibrant art energy with you! I look forward to creating in a space with other artists and sharing this grand vibe of imagination. art love and skill.

Cheers and Paint On
xoxo Nikah Bikah

Claudia Dorey

Instagram: Claudiaed.art

For Claudia, art is a way for her subconscious to communicate with her consciousness. Her style does not consist of a technique, it consists of a work method. Claudia's imagination leads every time. /sf

From the artist:

Bonjour tout le monde,
C’est avec grand plaisir que j’annonce que je participe au Art Battle Québec le 16 Avril 2023. L’art est définitivement une manière pour moi de m’exprimer. J’ai très hâte de créer une toile qui incorporera l’énergie de la foule qui m’entourera cette soirée là. Au plaisir de tous vous voir 🙂

Kassandra Crasnier

Instagram: ouestujesuis_perdu

Kassandra believes painting is a way for her to express my feelings of the present moment and to let her audience live their own emotion through her works. Each creation is a surprise for her and the audience./sf

From the artist:

Une artiste perdue qui essaie de vivre de son art et qui veut faire profiter aux gens son talent!
La peinture est pour moi un moyen d'exprimer mes sentiments du moment présent et de laisser mon audience vivre leur propre émotion au travers mes œuvres.
Devant mon canvas je ne sais jamais ce qui va en sortir c'est une surprise pour moi à chaque secondes de création alors vous allez pouvoir vivre ce moment et découvrir au fur et à mesure ce qui se cache dans ma tête!

Elsa Wilson-Giguère

Instagram: hellsawe

Elsa is a painter who has conceptualized and created visual art since her early childhood. Since 2017, Elsa has nourished her artistic journey by perfecting her acrylic technique on canvas./sf

Pierre-Marc Poirier

Pierre-Marc is skilled at cabinetmaking, artisanal leatherwork, and drawing./sf

Karrie Emms

Karrie returns! She is the co-owner of Gateway To the Arts Gallery and Event Space and Executive Director/Founder of Nick's Place For Us a youth art center that inspires youth and teaches them to chase their dreams./sf

From the artist:

I am looking forward to painting in another live art battle! I have been away for a while given the pandemic but am so excited at he prospect of travelling to Brantford an area that I love to paint against some really talented artists. I love the challenge of Art Battle and how it pushes me to move outside the norm due to the time and material limitations. I am super excited to be painting live once again!

As the co-owner of Gateway To the Arts Gallery and Event Space and Executive Director/Founder of Nick's Place For Us a youth art center in North Bay Ontario I use the arts to inspire youth and teach them that anything is possible by going out and chasing dreams and pushing limits in healthy ways.

My preferred mediums are pen and ink, acrylic and pencil with a special love of mandala's and lettering.

Amanda Jeanne

Instagram: a.manda.jeanne

Amanda graduated from the New England School of Photography in 2005, but in the winter of 2021, found painting. She has been thrilled to discover that much of what she learned in photography school remains applicable regardless of the change in medium./sf


Instagram: kvomberg_artiste

Karina is a multidisciplinary painter. She uses several mediums on her projects and loves working with recycled materials. /sf

Cecilia Brink-Hasert

Instagram: @ccbrinkart

Raised by two generations of artists, Cecilia had a paintbrush in her hand before she could walk! She is loves being part of the art community and is excited to compete in her first Art Battle! /sf

From the artist:

I can’t wait to take part in my first art battle, I’ll love to see you all there supporting the art community. I hope you enjoy!

Monique Matheus

Instagram: abstractartmonique

Monique is an up and coming Brazilian artist that brings sentiments into painting, inspired by a combination of contemporary design and the beauty of our planet./sf

From the artist:

I'm an upcoming Brazilian artist that brings sentiments into painting, inspired by a combination of contemporary design and the beauty of our planet.
I embrace my deep feelings and let them go into shapes and colors, expelling hold-up sentiments through art.

Stephanie Farina

Stephanie's art varies from pigments to pixels. She is excited to move her art from shadow to light during Art Battle./sf

From the artist:

Merci de m’encourager dans mon art pour m’aider à passer de l’ombre à la lumière !
mon art varie entre pigments et pixels


Chris uses his “bright and colorful art style to embody personality, beliefs, and soul.” Chris has said their identifiable style is comparable to “street art.”/sf

Arlequin Finelune

Séléna/Arlequin's goal with her art is to make you travel to imaginary lands and to escape this world. For the most part, she does modern surreal and fantasy art./sf


April 16
5:00 pm EDT
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