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AB2572 – Quebec City

September 17 @ 5:00 pm EDT

Art Battle Quebec City – 17 Septembre, 2023

Doors @ 5:00pm / Painting @ 6:00pm
Ninkasi Bar & Bistro – 801, rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC

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Rejoignez-nous pour une soirée pleine de création et de communauté!

Venez admirer le travail de ces artistes qui réaliseront leur meilleure œuvre d’art devant vous en seulement 20 minutes. Observez le processus créatif et à la fin vos votes détermineront le grand gagnant de la soirée. Les œuvres seront disponibles grâce à l’encan silencieux durant l’événement.

Prenez part au plaisir pour la soirée ou alors devenez un des aspirants artistes en vous inscrivant sur le lien artbattle.com/artists!

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Artists can apply to compete. Also, most events have a ‘Wildcard’ easel, where artists leave their names at the door and we draw at random to pick the Wildcard Artist. To be a potential wildcard artist, just buy a ticket and show up!

Confirmed Competitors


Instagram: romadarijchuk

Roma, originally from Ukraine, creates with paint and garbage found on the street. His works combine several styles such as graffiti and Hutsul motifs. He uses acrylic, watercolor, oil, spray paints, and many other items found on the street./sf

From the artist:

good luck to everyone and may the best man win


Sonia April has been building her artistic career for over 35 years. Sonia April's creative process is based on an intuitive spiritual approach and a symbolic reflection of colors linked to the system established by the seven chakras. Treating these two key elements in symbiosis, the painter relies on the idea of personal channeling to describe her discourse; it faithfully translates a message carrying a personal expressiveness. /sf

From the artist:

J'y serai avec mon chevalet rotatif.

Melina Langevin

Melina is back! Melina, a geology student, uses things she finds in the field to inspire her art. After seeing a live event, she is thrilled to now be a participant./sf

From the artist:

Je reprends les pinceaux avec plaisir pour ce bel événement !


Instagram: Raton_844

Raton aspires to make the greatest monster ever imagined. In his art, he creates original characters through drawings and paintings./sf


An artist at heart, Kevin experiments with everything...abstract art, photography, sculpture and fashion design. A teacher by profession, he wants to make his art visible and accessible to all those who will feel the emotions he tries to convey!/sf

From the artist:

Kevin Ouellette, l'artiste sous le nom de KevArt est originaire du Nord-Ouest du Nouveau-Brunswick. Artiste dans l'âme, il expérimente tout... l'art abstrait, la photographie, la sculpture et le design de mode. Ces formes d'art font partie de ses plus grandes passions artistiques! KevArt a trois défilés de mode haute-couture à son actif dans lesquels il y ajoutait toutes les formes d'art qui le passionnent. Récemment déménagé à Québec, enseignant de profession, il veut rendre son art visible et accessible à tout ceux qui ressentiront les émotions qu'il tente de véhiculer!

Amanda Jeanne

Instagram: A.manda.jeanne

Amanda graduated from the New England School of Photography in 2005, but in the winter of 2021, found painting. She has been thrilled to discover that much of what she learned in photography school remains applicable regardless of the change in medium./sf

David Rios

Instagram: _cereal.art

David likes to use all colors available to him. He also likes to incorporate emotions to his art because colors=emotions and love=art. When he was born, his mother owned an art gallery so he grew up knowing he wanted to be an artist./sf

From the artist:

Can’t wait to perform the best art show I’ve ever given. See you in Quebec! <3

Mathilde Morbeu

Instagram: @the.only..blu

Mathilde is here but this time as a contestant! Her main inspiration is everything manga/anime related, old comic books, cartoons and Disney/Pixars as well as the elements of nature./sf


Instagram: crea.pratics

CREAPRATICS.com is back! CREAPRATICS.com is a multidisciplinary artist, mentor and cosplayer focusing on 20 minute or less arts./sf

From the artist:

Qui suis-je ?
Un artiste multidisciplinaire
Art thérapeutique ✨
Art traditionnel 🎨
Art digital

Who am I ?
A multidisciplinary artist
Therapeutic art ✨
Traditional art 🎨
Digital art

Ensemble de mes liens/\All of my links:

Arlequin Finelune

Séléna/Arlequin's goal with her art is to make you travel to imaginary lands and to escape this world. For the most part, Arlequin does modern surreal and fantasy art though is multidisciplinary./sf

Alysson White

Instagram: bertrand.jpeg

Alysson mostly draws portraits of stylized girls. She says her pieces start like a child's drawing and slowly build up to be something completely different. Her works revolve around mythology, friendship and nature.


September 17
5:00 pm EDT
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