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AB2799 – Sydney

May 16 @ 5:00 pm AEST

Art Battle Sydney ft. The Other Art Fair! – May 16, 2o24

Painting @ 6:10pm
White Bay Cruise Terminal 2041 James Craig Rd, Rozelle, NSW

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Join us for an epic battle of the brushes!

Art Battle and The Other Art Fair are excited to be joining forces for the next edition of The Other Art Fair Sydney, which will be held from 16 to 19 May. These two heavyweights of the Sydney art scene are putting on a show for ages.

We’re on the hunt for artists like you, looking to put on a show with us in Sydney in just a few weeks’ time. Are you ready to do battle?
Every day, 12 artists will lock horns in friendly competition as we discover that the paintbrush is mightier than the sword.
Be a part of the fun as a spectator, or participate as one of the featured artists by applying online at artbattle.com/artists!

This is an All Ages event.




Artists can apply to compete. Also, most events have a ‘Wildcard’ easel, where artists leave their names at the door and we draw at random to pick the Wildcard Artist. To be a potential wildcard artist, just buy a ticket and show up!

Confirmed Competitors


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Instagram: Primavera

Andrea is a Colombian artist who has been painting murals for 3 years. An empirical artist, she has been painting since she was little but discovered her passion during the pandemic. Andrea paints with different techniques and styles, using different materials, though she likes brushes and acrylic paints the most.

From the artist:

I am Andrea Arias and I am a Colombian artist, art unites and that is why I love to paint large murals because the city becomes an art museum for everyone.
I hope you smile with what I paint


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Instagram: pamela.classbunny

Classbunny is back at Art Battle! Pamela, also known as Classbunny is an arts educator that loves watercolor, collage, little things, pen and ink. She also has worked as a stop frame animator and illustrator. Art Battle is perfect because she loves working fast and under pressure.

From the artist:

So excited to be taking part in another Art Battle and this time at the Other Art fair. The stakes are higher than ever. It's going to be a blast competing against artists that I have battled before. Can't wait!

Robert porta

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Instagram: Robert.porta_art

Robert's artwork is a mixture of abstract and portrait work. He tries to express himself through his art. Robert mostly uses acrylic. He is excited to share his vibe with the crowd and other artists.

Ozlum G

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Instagram: ozlum_g

Ozlum loves to create art with just her fingers. She likes to feel what she is painting and never has an idea of what she wants to create. Her art just comes alive as she goes! Ozlum doesn't have a set style and refuses to adapt to one style of art. Currently, she is a full-time artist.

From the artist:

I love to create art with my fingers. I like to feel what I am painting and I almost never have an idea of what I want to create it just comes alive as I go. I don't have a set style and I refuse to adapt to one style of art. I really hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy sharing it with the world.

Mikel Kiriakos

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Instagram: Sketchesbymikel

Mikel loves experimenting with different mediums and creating abstract expressionist art. However, his focus as an artist is to emphasize the beautiful things in life that we may overlook or take for granted. Mikel is intrigued by the many different ways one can skew and interpret reality and create visual interest through different mediums. His method is mostly brush, palette knife, and cloth.

From the artist:

I love experimenting with different mediums and creating abstract expressionist art however my focus as an artist is to emphasise the beautiful things in life that we may overlook or take for granted. I'm intrigued by the many different ways one can skew and interpret reality and create visual interest through different mediums.

Tim Burden

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Instagram: morbidsheepcomics

Tim is a comic book artist that focuses on the macabre and gothic subject matter. He is obsessed with monster movies which have greatly influenced his work. Tim has been obsessively working on the same comic book project since high school. He works in various mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture and animation.

From the artist:

Morbid Sheep is a multimedia project that extends into comics, graphic novels, animation among other things. Now being able to show off the world of Morbid Sheep Comics in the Art Battle format is an absolute thrill.

Alice Xu

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Instagram: alicexuart

Alice is a figurative artist, working mostly with inks and oil paint. She loves to make artworks about the everyday with a focus on groups and community doing mundane things. She also finds inspiration in other cultural traditions like the Inuit, Chinese and Japanese culture.

From the artist:

Hi everyone, honoured to be particpating in Art Battle for the second time, hope you'll enjoy my art! Good luck to the other participants!

Svetlana Asatryan

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Instagram: azadrun_art_bondi

Svetlana is back! She has been drawing since childhood and believes that art is a reflection of her. Her style has always been comical characters and one day, hopes to draw her own cartoon. Svetlana draws with acrylics, watercolors, markers, pencils, whatever is at hand.

From the artist:

I have been drawing since childhood, it is my greatest passion. I paint everywhere and with everything possible, try different styles and techniques, and try to make my paints, using flowers and colored stones. I never throw away labels from clothes, because you can also draw on them, and plastic cards can be used as a scraper, and you can draw flowers with a plastic bag. I believe that no person cannot draw, it’s just that not everyone knows it.


May 16
5:00 pm AEST
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