Galina Ponomarenko, 2015 Ottawa Finalist


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Galina Ponomarenko

A Russian mixed media artist and arts educator based in Ottawa, Galina Ponomarenko believes in the strength and growth that stems from artistic collaboration, and free flowing creative expression. Inspired by the play of light and colour, Galina’s work is filled with vibrancy. Winner of Art Battle 234, Galina will paint on June 12th in the Ottawa City Finals with 15 other artists to determine who will go on to represent Ottawa in the 2015 National Championship this July 16th.

Interview by Nick Hebb

ab288 galina ponomarenko

What drew you to Art Battle?
I was first drawn to Art Battle purely out of interest. The first time I went to observe I was very impressed with the creativity of some of the contestants. Overall this first experience with Art Battle was very interesting and I decided that I must give it a try myself.

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How much do you prepare what you’ll be painting before you do a battle?
Most of my preparation for a battle occurs in my mind, I think about the flow of light and shade. I work in pencil to create small sketches, I don’t occupy my mind with details at this point. Once the concept of tone is clear, 20 minutes is plenty of time for expression in colour.

What would it mean to you to compete in the Art Battle National Championships?
The National Championships would be very exciting, this would be an amazing and unique experience to meet and compete with great artists from all over the country.

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Who is your favorite painter?
My favorite artist would have to be Isaac Levitan.
Where can we see more of your work?
My work may be seen in various exhibitions put on by OMMA and Ottawa Mixed Media Artists as well as in my personal studio and on my website