Holiday Art Bash – Advanced auction style previews

Following are examples of work by painters who will compete in Art Battle at the Holiday Art Bash on December 18th, 2013.

You can bid in advance on work to be created at the event, and receive a 50% bonus on your bid. For more information, please visit any auction page, linked below.


Keita Morimoto

Jimmy Chialecomposite-abash-jimmy-chiale Adam Chapmancomposite-abash-adam-chapman Jacqueline Poiriercomposite-abash-jacqueline-poirier Elly Smallwoodcomposite-abash-elly-smallwood Aleks Bartosikcomposite-abash-aleks-bartosik Craig Skinnercomposite-abash-craig-skinner Zara Dinizcomposite-abash-zara-diniz Danilo Ursinicomposite-abash-danilo-ursiniDaniel St-Amant composite-abash-daniel-st-amant Peter Chancomposite-abash-peter-cha Kate Dominacomposite-abash-kate-domina