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  • ?Check out this great interview from Art Battle Hobart (Tasmania, Australia) INTERVIEW
  • ?New event booked in Los Angeles! March 28th at our big venue, Exchange LA. Your top artists are welcome to apply…
  • ?SOLD OUT in Chicago! Including 10 $60 ‘VIP Auction’ tickets that include a $50 auction voucher.
  • ? event booked in Monterey, CA!
  • ? 63 events have used text message voting! We know exactly how many votes each artist has received worldwide…
  • ?Spanish speaking countries/cities are taking off! Great first events in Mexico City, and Lima (Peru)
  • ?Recent new cities added: Sydney. Barcelona
  • ??Doug from AB Bristol is working to grow AB across the UK by working with new local partners in cities big and small
Confirmed Artist Feed
Entry DateArtistEvent
December 7, 2021Forrest MillerAB2211
December 7, 2021Jason DockeryAB2232
December 6, 2021Courtney PowellAB2233
December 6, 2021Linda Gord GordonAB2229
December 5, 2021Madison ArcherAB2212
December 5, 2021Allison DollAB2227
December 4, 2021Trevor CappsAB2212
December 4, 2021Julia MickeAB2212
December 4, 2021Frida HaasAB2212
December 3, 2021Louie SimpsonAB2220
Entry DateArtistEvent
New Events Booked
CityDateAB ID#
Tacoma, WA10/09/2021AB2202
Seattle, WA27/08/2021AB2201
San Francisco, CA21/07/2021AB2200
Fort Erie, ON18/04/2020AB2116
Bristol, UK08/05/2020AB2119
CityDateAB ID#

Coming soon…

We are going to change the way artist applications work. Ever notice that some artists click EVERY CITY IN THE WORLD. and trigger a bunch of notifications? Well COMING SOON will be that we do registration in two steps: 1. REGISTER and 2. APPLY – this will allow past artists to express interest in an upcoming event without having to re-apply. It will change the way you search for artists. More on this soon…

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