Jacqueline Poirier


By Morgan Booth

Jacqueline Poirier is an artist working in Toronto. Her beautiful imagery, colour and depth draws people together and encourages open discussion inspired by the love of art. She was the first ever Art Battle Grand Champion, winning the title at Art Battle Sweet 16 in July of 2011.  Having won more than 12 matches and two championships – Art Battle 10, Art Battle 16, and was also a competitor in the 2012 National Championships. Jacqueline has consistently proven to be the toughest of Art Battle opponents. We welcome her back to the easel tonight for our most intense battle yet at milestone Art Battle 50.

Tell us about your solo show at Milk Glass Co.

My show at Milk Glass Co. is my very first solo canvas show since my graduation from OCAD. It is called New Werk/Old Work/Re Work because all of the pieces are new paintings over old paintings. I have allowed the paint to form ambiguous painterly landscapes and scenes with various subjects that are focal points of the piece. Colourful and dynamic, I am proud of this series…but still quite nervous for me show! EEK!


You’ve become a bit of an Art Battle star, a very difficult competitor to beat! Do you go into Battle with a plan, or do you prefer to go in and freestyle?

I am very flattered…I am always quite nervous before an art battle, mostly because the competition is tough to beat! I usually have a general idea of what I would like to paint, or at least a plan of how I would like to draw the crowd in. There is certainly an element to art battle that is about the performance and the development of a painting, within a short 20 min time frame. That is not very much time to impress the audience, so I feel that I better make the most of it!


You walk down a hallways and come to 2 doors, one door has a picture of a pop art soup can on it, and the other is spattered with paint as if a rainbow exploded. Which do you go through and why?

I would go through the door with spattered paint because that is similar to my style of painting…I would like to see who my competition would be!!


What two painters from history would you like to see in a head to head Art Battle?

Salvador Dali and Banksy


What is your motivation to create?

I love to paint and create because I enjoy the freedom in it. I don’t feel confined by rules or judgement. I am motivated to create through the joy it brings to other people. I am motivated to create even when I am having a bad day. Painting makes me feel great and helps me communicate better with everyone around me.


Your charger plates are amazing, how did you first get into that project?

Thank you! I began painting plates about a year ago. My restaurant manager at The Ritz knew that I was an artist and asked me if I would like to try painting on a few of our plain white charger plates for the Private Dining Room. I painted a couple and they ended up looking really unique, and the response from guests was amazing! Now they are on every table in the restaurant and people even buy them from the hotel! We certainly never anticipated them becoming such a hit!


In your opinion, what is the function of art?

The purpose of art is to help us see the world in new ways. It allows up to see the everyday in another way. It refreshes our creative vision and allows us to “think outside of the box”.


For future Art Battle painters, what is your best Battle tip?

Be yourself! Paint what you love, but also something that the audience can relate to. Don’t be afraid to “try something new”, but still maintain YOUR style. Oh…and have fun! Everyone else in the room is too!!

Get social with Jacqueline!

Jacqueline will be competing tonight at Art Battle 50, The Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West 730pm.