Jin Hui Ung

By Morgan Booth

Jin Hui Ung is an artist living and working in South Korea, he and his wife Venus are stopping by during their month long visit in Toronto to duel in Art Battle on Tuesday. A new comer to AB, but excited by the prospect of live painting, the exploratory nature and movement of Jin Hui’s paintings are sure to enthrall patrons and competitors alike in battle.


How long have you been painting?

I have been painting for 10 years. I did my B.F.A in Fine Art, and am now doing my M.F.A. in Fine Art as well.



Tell us a little bit about a day in your studio

A day in my studio starts at 6pm. I collect some objects and images that attract me throughout the day, and I bring these into the studio. I hang out in the studio, smoke a cigarette and listen to music.


Sometimes, I do nothing except this, sitting down, listening to music and smoking cigarettes. Other times, I drink alcohol with friends and discuss art. Recently, The studio is unnecessary because I’m not usually painting now.



What aspect of a 20 minute live painting battle appeals most to you?

I’m interested in the part after 20 minutes of painting where an artist who might not usually make money  using their artwork suddenly has an opportunity to do so, also, it gives the artist instant exposure.


Jin Hui Ung will be painting this week at Art Battle 45 Tuesday February 26 at The Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West, we’re looking forward to seeing him at the easel!