Art Battle at the Mavis Goss Gala in Red Deer, AB!

Art Battle is very excited to be holding our first Red Deer event at the Mavis Goss Open Gala!

The Mavis Goss Open is a legacy to Mavis Goss who has organized many amazing golf tournaments over the years and is passionate about being out on the green with the support of her amazing husband Ron Goss, family and friends.  Mavis was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in 2009 and chose a path of alternative medicine.  Her story is an inspiration and her legacy to support local and nationally recognized charities through her tournament is our gift to share.

The Art Battle at the Mavis Goss Gala will feature 12 of Red Deer’s best painters competing to create the amazing work in 20 minutes – to be determined by your votes while the paint is still wet! The paintings will then be up for auction for the rest of the evening.

Featured Artists:

Siling Zhang
Emily Thomson
Erika Schulz
Zaky TD
Wilson Harrowby
Lynn Carter
Barbara Checkryn-Rivers
Debbie Lee Miszaniec
Jeri Lynn Ing
Marianne Harris
Paul Harris
Susan Woolgar

See you on the 12th!


Art Battle