Megan Evans, Victoria’s first Champ

ab172-megan evans winner

Megan Evans is a Victoria based artist and curator from Comox Valley, who spent October 8th turning 23 and turning blank canvases into winning works in Victoria’s inaugural Art Battle event. Not a bad way to spend a birthday!

To celebrate Megan’s success in Art Battle, we are featuring this beautiful seascape for sale! Please contact [email protected] for inquiries. 

Sunset Boardwalk Megan Evans 3.3 x 3.5 Acrylic 700$

Sunset Boardwalk – 3.3 x3.3 – Acrylic on Canvas – $700

Currently in the last year of her psychology degree at the University of Victoria, and with plans to pursue a masters in Art Therapy, Megan’s perspective on AB considers not only her experience at the easel, but that of the audience.

Having competed last season in Vancouver, Megan says she was excited to hear of Art Battle coming to Victoria.

“I wanted to compete again because it’s a fun thing to do! In Vancouver and Victoria it was the same kind of atmosphere, even through the event is just starting to grow here. Supportive crowd, artists, organizers.

Even with other artists it’s still supportive. You can be painting against someone in the next round, and they’ll still ask you if you need to borrow a brush.”


Photo By Andrew Banks

Photo By Andrew Banks

In terms of the live painting element, Megan says she believes the event helps close the divide between viewer and artist.

“Art Battle is different in how it connects people to art, rather than the stuffiness or stillness often found in galleries. When you bring friends they actually get to see your process and understand how much work goes into creating a complete painting.”

Megan said she felt more prepared this time around, and fortified her speed painting techniques by doing timed practice pieces at home. Although still nervous, Megan chose to feed off the energy of the crowd, her inspiration from the west coast, and her experience in the studio.

AB172-megan evans 1


“You have to work with what you’re feeling and the ambience, what you’re attracted to. The first piece was a seascape, I was thinking of the water and a sail boat, and was concentrating on the silhouette, in second round I did an owl.

It’s very much about the energy of the crowd as well, in the first round I wanted to do a more calming piece, because you’re not in your studio any more, it’s more intense. And then in the second round I had gained more confidence and did a bolder piece with more lines, and more energy.”

ab172-winning -megan evans (amy walter

Having been crowned the champion of Art Battle 172, Megan has earned the first spot in the Victoria finals in June of 2015, and we can’t wait to have her paint again!

Find out who our next champ will be at the next AB Victoria Event on November 6th!