Art Battle: Online – Guide

Hello artist!

First: Are you signed up? Before we start,If you are seeing this page, you should have already signed up here, and have your streaming URL in your email.

1. Setup

Room Setup
  • Bright room
  • Light from all sides
  • Your best phone for the streaming camera
  • Laptop for timing and interview question review
Lighting & Camera Position
  • Light from all sides
  • Ring lights are amazing, but otherwise a bright room and low shadows as you touch the canvas
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Download Larix Broadcaster here:


App settings

The Larix app setup is very simple.

  1.  ‘Add a connection’ after clicking on the gear/settings icon on the main screen
  2. Give the connection a name – say Art Battle
  3. Set the URL to the special URL you have in your email after you signed up here. That URL is basically:
    “rtmp://<your Artist ID>”

That’s it! Now whenever you hit RECORD (red square button), it will send the videos directly to us.

Tips for best results

The best streams come from:

  • Good internet
  • Quiet place
  • Camera ready look
  • Good light from all sides onto your canvas (light ring is great, some options here:
  • Smartphone with a good camera (use the back camera on most phones for best results

2. Streaming your painting and interview videos

Send your videos as soon as you can. We will place the best artists we have in upcoming competitions in a 64 artist tournament.

Streams to send

Stream to us:

  • 2 x 20 minute paintings
  • 1 interview
Interview questions

Interview questions (45 sec max)
BE YOU. This is a chance for the audience to become your fans, to know you and your craft on a more personal level. Look into the camera with bright lighting and tell the world:

  1. What is your name or nickname?
  2. Where were you born? Where do you live now?
  3. What is your weapon/medium of choice in Art Battle?
  4. What inspires you?
  5. What excites you about competing in Art Battle?
  6. What do you love about Art?

We will lightly edit these videos and share them on social media and your profile 

Important camera position tips painting streams
  • Careful camera placement is essential, the camera should usually be on the side of your NON DOMINANT hand, the entire canvas as large as possible in the video frame
  • Set the camera to your side enough that you do not block the view of the canvas
Let's Paint!

When you paint:

  • The material and subject/genre of your choice
  • Use 18”x24” stretched canvas (or similar size)
  • References are permitted (but please do not use devices visible in the camera)
  • Careful with timing, video will be cut off 20 minutes after your first stroke
  • Use an audible timer, separate from your recording device
  • When your 20 mins is up, step away from canvas and allow recording of just your piece for 30 seconds.
That's it!

After you have sent in 2 live painting streams and 1 interview, you’re all done! Come say ‘hi’ on social @artbattle

2. Now what?

When will my work be shown to the world?

After you complete your streams, we will work to place you in the competition. Not all artists will be chosen, and sometimes the quality of the videos can be a problem. If there is a video quality problem, we will email you and ask you to resubmit. Even if you don’t make it into the main competition, we will usually share your submissions on your profile and social so people can watch you work.

Artist Judges - that's you!

As a registered artist, your vote counts for more. So VOTE! Download one of our apps at and vote now in past battles, and help us choose the winners at every stage of the competition. (Yes you can vote for yourself!)

The winners of each round will move on to higher rounds. We will use one of your paintings in your first round, and if you win, we will use your other painting in the next round.