Art Battle: Online

Art Battle® is the world’s live art competition. Last year, more than 80,000 people attended our live shows in 70 cities and 12 countries. We have planned National Championships for all those countries, and a huge 2020 Art Battle World Championship in Tokyo in October. But; this March, it has all ground to a fast halt. Our full COVID19 statements are here.

But this page is about carrying on in a bright way that will bring people together to celebrate talent and art in a new way…

#Togetherathome we create Art Battle: Online
Enter this global live art tournament from your own studio or home.


Art Battle: Online has been amazing so far. Audiences love it!
Will you join us and share your artistic talent by streaming to the world?

To enter the tournament, it’s easy:
1. fill out the form below,
2. download our streaming app,
3. send your painting videos and interview to us as soon as you can!

We will share these videos with live video, chat, commentary, voting, and bidding.

Compete in Art Battle: Online

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