Painter Info – SPECIAL LEAP YEAR EVENT AB2043 – Toronto

Congratulations on being selected to compete in Art Battle Leap Year on Feb 29th!

This is your official artist invitation, you must read all information below and accept this invitation to participate within 48 hours to guarantee your spot. If you are not available for this date, please kindly let us know.


Art Battle Leap Year
February 29th
The Great Hall
1087 Queen St West
Open to public: 7:30pm
Artist Call Time: 7pm

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Event Format:

It’s Leap Year Day and we are bringing some fun and crazy twists into the usual Art Battle Competition.

Please review this section as this event will be TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the AB competitions you have done before! You will have already received an email from Morgan about which specific round you are invited to paint in.

Each round will be a self contained competition, there will be no “final round”. One artist will be voted the winner of each round.

Artists will paint for 15 minutes, the first 5 of which will be blindfolded! Artists will then take off their blindfold and have full vision to work with their canvas.
(Invitations Closed)

Artists will have 20 minutes to paint a live nude model
(Invited Artists – Matt Casson, Natasha Dichpan, Katie Irwin, Angela Kim, Elio Emmanuel, Paul Dolgov)

As the artists are painting live, a wheel of possible colour choices will be spun by our host, artists must use the colour announced, and switch at the next spin. This round will be 20 minutes.
(Invited Artists – Andre Castro, Chanel Desroches, Anastasia Eve, Edd Baptista, Liliana Monteiro)

Art Battle Open Materials Rules

  1. Artists have 20 minutes to create their competition artwork.
  2. The canvas use the blank canvas provided as the surface for their artwork
  3. Artists are encouraged to bring their own mediums and tools. A limited set of acrylic paint is provided by local Art Battle producers. Artists are encouraged (but not required) to bring outside medium — Allowed mediums include: acrylic paint, ink, oil paint, charcoal, pen, pencil, watercolor, and more. Water based aerosol and airbrush are permitted by Art Battle, but may be restricted depending on venue requirements (at this time The Great Hall will not allow aerosol). If using oil paints only Odorless Mineral Spirits or Gamsol will be permitted for solvent.
  4. The use of reference images are permitted, but not required. Any reference images must be printed or prepared on paper.
  5. Pre-made images (collage), including stencils, are not permitted. Creation of stencils ‘at the easel’ and during competition time is permitted.
  6. The local/global audience votes for the best artwork in each round.
  7. Artists must use the provided canvas as the surface for their artwork. 

Auction and Voting

Audiences can vote, bid and follow their favourite artists at the event they are attending as well as other events all over the world using the Art Battle App –  Search “Art Battle” in the app store or on google play to download. Be sure to download the app before your event so you can vote too!

Works created at Art Battle will be silent auctioned with 50% of the proceeds going to the artists. Your local organizer will let you know the expected timeline and method of payment at the event. Works that do not sell remain the property of Art Battle.

Provided Materials

Art Battle will provide canvas, basic selection of acrylic paint, easels, water containers, palettes, and mixing plates. Artists are provided with 1 canvas, 1 palette and 1 water container per round. You should bring your brushes and any other additional permitted media or tools you would like to use. See rule 3. for additional permitted media.

Main contact – Morgan Booth

Your pre-event contact for this event is Morgan Booth! If you need to get in contact with Art Battle before the event or have any questions, please email [email protected]