Painter Info – 2 Days and 20 Minutes – Kamloops

You are invited to compete at Art Battle – 2 Days and 20 Minutes in Kamloops, BC on December 16 and 17th!

You must ACCEPT this invitation to participate. If you do not accept within 48 hours your spot may not be guaranteed.

Event Information

Art Battle – 2 Days and 20 Minutes – Kamloops
Padlock Studios
1st Floor, 175 2nd Ave
Friday, December 16th – Saturday, December 17th

Doors open to public: 7PM



We would like to invite you to participate in this very special event “Art Battle – 2 Days and 20 Minutes”!

Art Battle “2 Days and 20 Minutes” is a special event where artists will transform the gallery space into a Live Painting Studio. Creating large scale works over the course of 2 days, and finishing with a timed Art Battle. Long form paintings and 20 minute Art Battle pieces will be hung side by side providing audiences with a unique window into the relationship between time and process.


Three round competition
Art Battle is Live Competitive Painting.  This exhibition and event will feature 12 artists, each having 2 days starting from 2pm on Dec 16th to work on and complete a finished piece at Padlock Studios, and compete in a timed Art Battle event 7pm on Dec 17th.


The Long Form 2 Day Paintings:

Artists will be asked to work on and complete 1 canvas at Padlock Studio during gallery hours.

Media for the long form piece is open and artists may use any any media they like with the exception of mechanical tools, oil or spray paint due to air quality issues. References may be used for this Long Form Piece. Art Battle will provide the canvas (36×36) artists will supply their own media. Art Battle will also have acrylic paint on hand.

Artists will have a total of 16 hours to complete their piece for the exhibition before the opening and Art Battle event.
*Artists need not paint for the entire allotted time but should be confident that they can finish their piece within this time frame.

Open Hours at Padlock Studio:
Friday Dec 16th – 2-10pm
Saturday Dec 17th 9-5pm

Art Battle Event:This event will be a 12 person, 2 round acrylic paint only Art Battle with the Winner earning a spot in the regional finals. All artists will paint in both rounds. Each round will be 20 minutes. *Regular Art Battle rules apply* Art Battle will provide all supplies necessary for competition except brushes.Event Starts Saturday Dec 17th at 7pm

Audience Voting:

The audience will vote upon the 3 paintings created, and the winner will be determined by audience vote. Votes will be counted cumulatively to determine the winner.

Round 1 – Long Form 2 Day Painting
Round 2 – 20 Minute Art Battle
Round 3 – 20 Minute Art Battle

Sales and Auction

All Long Form Paintings will be priced at $750 with a sales agreement of 50% to the artist in the event of sale. Exhibition works that remain unsold by the end of the event may be taken home by the artist and will remain subject to the 50% sales split agreement for 6 Months.

Works created in the 20 minute Art Battle rounds will be made available for silent auction, with the artist receiving 50% of the collected sales price. Your local organizer will let you know the expected timeline and method of payment at the event. 20 minute works that do not sell remain the property of Art Battle.

Local Organizer
The local organizers for this event are Michael and Jenn O’Brien. If you need to get in contact with Art Battle on the day of the event Michael can be reached at [email protected]

Social Media
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