Painter Info – AB5001 – Stackt Market

You are invited to compete at Art Battle – Stackt Market on Tuesday, July 9th!

You must ACCEPT this invitation to participate. If you do not accept within 48 hours your spot may not be guaranteed.

Event Information

Art Battle – FreeStyle @ Stackt Market
Stackt Market
28 Bathurst Street
Tuesday, July 9th

Doors open to public: 7:00PM

Main contact – Gina Rogers!
Your pre-event contact for this event is Gina Rogers! If you need to get in contact with Art Battle before the event, Gina can be reached at [email protected]


Social Media
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Instagram: @artbattle @artbattletoronto #artbattle #20minutepainting

Competition structure and rounds:

  • Art Battle is Live Competitive Painting.
  • 8 painters create the best work they can
  • Each event features three (3) x 20 minute rounds of public painting.
  • 4 painters will compete in Round 1, the remaining 4 in Round 2
  • The top two painters from each of round 1/2 (as voted by the audience) will go into a 3rd, ‘Final Round’ with a new canvas.
  • In the Final Round, the audience will again vote, and a single Winner will be chosen for the event.
  • All work is auctioned to the highest bidder (silent auction)

Silent Auction
Works created at Art Battle will be silent auctioned with 50% of the proceeds going to the artists. Your local organizer will let you know the expected timeline and method of payment at the event. Works that do not sell remain the property of Art Battle.

Admission for you is free and you can bring one (1) guest
Your admission to the event is free and includes one free guest. To keep it simple, your guest (1) can give YOUR name at the door unless indicated otherwise by your local organizer.

More questions?
Email Gina Rogers at [email protected]

Let’s paint!
Art Battle International