Painter Info – AB686 – Woodbine Racetrack

You are invited to compete at Art Battle – Woodbine Racetrack on Saturday, July 14th!

You must ACCEPT this invitation to participate. If you do not accept within 48 hours your spot may not be guaranteed.

Event Information

Art Battle – Woodbine Racetrack
Woodbine Racetrack
555 Rexdale Boulevard
Saturday, July 14th

Doors open to public: 1:00PM


Main contact – Morgan Booth!
The local painter contact for this event is Morgan Booth! If you need to get in contact with Art Battle Morgan can be reached at [email protected]

Silent Auction
Works created at Art Battle will be silent auctioned with 50% of the proceeds going to the artists. Your local organizer will let you know the expected timeline and method of payment at the event. Works that do not sell remain the property of Art Battle.

What to bring
You should only bring your BRUSHES and any other non-marking, non-mechanical tools you would like to use. Art Battle will provide the following materials – canvas, paint, easels, water containers, palettes, mixing plates and shop towels for rags.

Admission for you is free and you can bring one (1) guest
Your admission to the event is free and includes one free guest. To keep it simple, your guest (1) can give YOUR name at the door unless indicated otherwise by your local organizer.

Competition Rules

  1. Artists may only use the acrylic paint provided by Art Battle. No outside media is permitted.
  2. Artists are provided with 1 canvas, 1 palette, 2 mixing plates, cleaning towels, and 1 water container per Round.
  3. During competition Artists may use any non-mechanical tools: Brushes, palette knives, rollers, sponges, tape etc. Tape must be removed before end of the Round.
  4. Pre-made images, stencils or mechanical tools (spray bottle, hair dryer, etc) are not permitted.
  5. Palettes must be set prior to the beginning of each Round. No additional paint once the Round begins.
  6. Artists may not mix paint until the Round begins.
  7. Reference material is not permitted at the easel.
  8. There is no theme, Artists not limited in subject matter.

More questions?
More questions and answers are posted on

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