Painter Info – AB707 – Canada Day 2018 – Capital Celebrations

You are invited to compete at Art Battle – Capital Celebrations on Saturday, June 30th!

You must ACCEPT this invitation to participate. If you do not accept within 48 hours your spot may not be guaranteed. Additional Official Booking Agreement to come as separate email.

Event Information

Art Battle – Canada Day 2018 – Capital Celebrations
Major’s Hill Park
@ Mackenzie Ave & St. Patrick
DAY 1 – Saturday, June 30th

You are invited to paint in a special edition of Art Battle at the Canada Day 2018 Capital Celebrations!


Taking please on June 30th and July 1st, each day will be a separate tournament in the normal Art Battle format, with winners from round 1 and round 2 advancing to round 3 on the same day. Artists will be performing on only one (not both) of the days. Rounds are scheduled each day for 11am, 2pm and 5:30pm. There is an honorarium of $75 per painter for each round. This means that ‘winners’ of rounds 1 and 2 will receive an additional $75 for painting in round 3. This is to be paid electronically by Art Battle Canada to Artist within 3 business days of the Event. In addition, for this special event, Artists will keep their painting(s). Sales of goods and/or merchandise on the premises during the official Canada Day 2018 celebrations are not permitted, this includes original art work.

ROUND 1 –11AM – Call time 10:30AM
Emilie Brianna Scott
Gabriel Bouffard
Heather CarGio
Lena Kinder-Bruneau

ROUND 2 – 2PM – Call time 1:30PM

Kina Forney
Dominic Laporte
Rob Nicholson
Suzannah Robertson

FINAL ROUND – 5:30PM Call time 5PM

*The final round will consist of the top 2 artists from the 11am, and 2pm rounds. To participate in this event you must be available for the 5:30pm should you advance by audience vote.

Main contacts – Peter Purdy & Chris Pemberton!
If you need to get in contact with Art Battle on the day of the event:
Peter can be reached at [email protected] or 613 400 9288
Chris can be reached at [email protected] or 416 996 5501

What to bring:
You should only bring your BRUSHES and any other non-marking, non-mechanical tools you would like to use. Art Battle will provide the following materials – canvas, paint, easels, water containers, palettes, mixing plates and shop towels for rags.

Competition Rules:

  1. Artists have 20 minutes to create their painting. Unless otherwise noted by organizer.
  2. Artists may only use the acrylic paint provided by Art Battle. No outside media is permitted.
  3. Artists are provided with 1 canvas, 1 palette, 2 mixing plates, cleaning towels, and 1 water container per Round.
  4. During competition Artists may use any non-mechanical tools: Brushes, palette knives, rollers, sponges, tape etc. Tape must be removed before end of the Round.
  5. Pre-made images, stencils or mechanical tools (spray bottle, hair dryer, etc) are not permitted.
  6. Palettes must be set prior to the beginning of each Round. No additional paint once the Round begins.
  7. Artists may not mix paint until the Round begins.
  8. Reference material is not permitted at the easel.
  9. The top 2 Artists by audience vote in each of Round 1 and 2 will advance to compete again in Round 3.
  10. In Round 3, Artists make a new palette and are provided with new canvas and supplies.
  11. There is no theme, Artists not limited in subject matter.

More questions?
More questions and answers are posted on

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