Art Battle 66 – Toronto

September 24th – Art Battle 66 marks our first Toronto event this season, and we are crazy excited to bring both new and experienced AB artists to the easels! A huge congratulations to Yared Nigussu, winner of the 2013 Art Battle National Championship! Now it’s time to start deciding which Toronto artists will qualify for 2014 and we’re looking forward … Read More

Tongson Chen

  By Morgan Booth Tongson Chen is a 23 year old painter living and working in Toronto. Tong’s current practice explores the use of salvaged materials from the streets of Toronto and mixed media to create a commentary on his city’s landscape. His multi-layered pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity while at the same time urging the viewer … Read More

Kate Taylor

 By Morgan Booth Kate Taylor is a painter and photographer working in Toronto. Inspired by florals and landscapes, Kate translates the world around her using paint, resin and palette knives into highly textural works swirling with movement and colour. Kate is in two abstract artist collectives ColourShift, and SolidColour, and has shown in over 27 different exhibitions in the last … Read More

Paint Breaker Videos and more

What an amazing night! A crowd of 100+ braved the torrent of rain to join Art Battle and Creatures Collective for a ruckus night. The B-Boys (Fil Fury, Darko and Emstro) were amazing, take a look below. Excellent performances by: Tong Chen, Gina Walker, Cat Reyto, David McKenzie, Megan Paints Cats, Keita Morimoto, Morgan Booth, Cal Schuab, Katryna Shreyer, Christina … Read More

Art Battle on 'My City Lives'

Art Battle on ‘My City Lives’ Art Battle 19 is visited by the My City Lives cameras and the result is this beautiful video featuring many of our favourite painters. November 2011

Andres Correa – Live Painting Legend

No one has put in more hours and been featured on more stages than the Andres Correa. Master, student and Champion, Andres carries the traditions of live art proudly. His paintings capture the spirit that moves the community, building and sharing wisdom, positive energy and connections. Andres is the reigning Hip Hop USA Sneaker Champion and currently works in Toronto, … Read More

Art Battle in the National Post

“Not all art created is equal,” says artist Chris Pemberton, one of the founders of Art Battle, a competitive painting event held each month at The Great Hall on Toronto’s Queen Street West. “When you go to a gallery, guaranteed you’re going to like one thing better than the other.” Pemberton and Art Battle co-creator Simon Plashkes have designed an … Read More

Art Battle on Space Channel

Space Channel did a great segment on Art Battle, but we can’t embed it – look for it [here] on