Vincent Bolduc, 2015 Ottawa Finalist

vincent bolduc

Photo by Laszlo Szijarto

Vincent Bolduc

A young artist with a prolific output, Vincent Bolduc is inspired by the power of subversion, creating figurative and abstract works that challenge traditional themes of sexuality and violence. An exciting debut and powerful performance this season of Art Battle has earned Vincent a spot in the Ottawa City Finals on June 12th, where he will challenge 15 other finalists to determine who will represent Ottawa in the 2015 National Championships non July 16.

Interview by Nick Hebb

What drew you to Art Battle?

I was drawn to art battle because i wanted to connect with there artist and see what is out there.

ab288-vincent bolduc

How much do you prepare what you’ll be painting before you do a battle?

I made 8 prep pieces for the last show but I felt it wasn’t enough…. so for this time around I’ll be trying to do a bit more….

ab288-vincent bolduc3

Who is your favorite painter?


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Where can we see more of your work?