Zara Diniz, Toronto


Zara Diniz’s work is deeply influenced by her travels around the world, which have introduced her to new environments and ways of living. These visits have invariably provided her with a robust memory-collection of individuals, scenes, colours, and patterns, which she incorporates ever-so-subtly into her paintings. Indeed, by playing with space and perception, through a combination of classical realism and painterly expressionism, Zara’s works often have a fleeting, surrealist quality, as figures emerge from and simultaneously fade into their painterly surroundings.

Zara is a powerful force at the canvas, having won our Holiday event against an All-Star cast of artists, and also tying for the win at the Toronto City Finals. Zara’s emotive works, and intuitive sense of composition make her a competitor to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to see her represent Toronto in the 2014 Art Battle National Championship.

See Zara paint at the Nationals!