Artists To Watch This September!

Artists To Watch This September


The 8th Season of Art Battle begins this September, and with it comes a bevy of exciting artists from across the country.  From hometown heroes to live painting neophytes (there’s even an Art Battle Brazil Champion!), these artists are sure to rock the easels from coast-to-coast!

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Megan Evans
Campbell River, BC
Painting in: Art Battle 421, Victoria, September 8


A visual artist currently living in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, Megan Evans is an artist whose works explore the interactions between people and their environments. Using surrealist landscapes, seascapes and portraiture Megan’s focus is on the connection of the individual to their surroundings; both the tangible and intangible. During her time at the University of Victoria Megan majored in Psychology and Sociology. For Megan, live art is an opportunity to explore the relationship between the artist and audience during the act of creation. The winning artist in the first ever Art Battle Victoria event in 2014, Megan has set the bar high for the competition, and will compete again this September!


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Petra Matar
Hamilton, ON
Painting in: Art Battle 423, Hamilton, September 14


Petra Matar is of Lebanese decent, born in Nigeria, grew up in Dubai, and moved to Hamilton 5 years ago. An architect by day, and artist by night, Petra’s work is a complex and eclectic take on the human experience through the depiction of faces. From infancy, humans learn to understand, relate and communicate through the understanding and use of facial expressions. Petra’s work manipulates and exaggerates these expressions to delve deeper into the possibility of emotional interpretation. This will be Petra’s first time competing in an Art Battle event.



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Bailey Koopmans
Kamloops, BC
Painting in: Art Battle 424, Kamloops, Sept 15

Two time winner of the Kamloops Arts Council “Art Exposed” Award in the Emerging Artists Category, and Season 7 Art Battle Kamloops Finalist, Bailey Koopmans is a force to be reckoned with. Creating dark and surreal artworks, Bailey’s work is packed with symbolism, female power and sensuality. Bailey will be once again representing at the easel in Art Battle Kamloops on September 15th.



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Avery Spavor
Vancouver, BC
Painting in: Art Battle 425, Vancouver, Sept 17

A 20 year old emerging artist from a small town in the Kootenay’s called Naksup, artist and illustrator Avery Spavor is currently studying concept art at the Vancouver Film School. A multidisciplinary artist, Avery’s work spans across digital methods to traditional pen and ink. Avery’s juxaposition of colour, careful tonality and emotive line work result in creating mysterious environments and characters that draw you into their worlds. We can’t wait to welcome Avery to the easel on September 17th!



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Shea Duffney
Charlottetown, PE
Painting in: Art Battle 422, Toronto, September 20


A Newfoundland native now based in Charlottetown PEI, Shea Duffney is a bonafide Art Battle All Star. A 2 time provincial finalist, Shea Duffney has been a winner or finalist in almost every competition he has painted in, making him one of the most decorated live painters in Canada. Shea’s work is technical and precise, but exudes the surreality of a world created from within. We cannot wait to welcome Shea to the Toronto art community!



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Alexis Fraser
Toronto, ON
Painting in: Art Battle 422, Toronto, September 20


Hailing from Chicago, artist Alexis Fraser is rapidly gaining recognition in the Toronto art scene for her contemporary portraiture. After earning her BFA with a minor in education, Alexis’ path continued to lead her to pursue a career as a visual artist, exploring the experiences and personalities of her subjects. Inspired by the city and people of Toronto, Alexis’ work strikes a balance between the inner narrative of the individual and the cultural climates in which they exist.  This will be Alexis’ first time painting in Art Battle.



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Sattu Rodrigues
São Paulo, Brazil
Painting in: Art Battle 422, Toronto, September 20


Sattu Rodrigues, often known simply as Sattu is a renowned artist and illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil. A self taught artist, Sattu’s work has been featured internationally in print and advertising as well as fine art institutions. Creating otherworldly illustrations based in the fantastic and inspired by folklore, language play, and art history, Sattu’s work features characters with self awareness and humour. Currently visiting Toronto to study English, Sattu is an Art Battle Brazil Champion who we welcome to the Canadian competition in Toronto.



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Peter Gegolick
St Albert, AB
Painting in: Art Battle 427, Edmonton, September 22


A St. Albert based artist working in non-representational abstract art, Peter Gegolick uses his work to tell the stories of generations past. Inspired by the marks and textures created by the passing of time on structures, Peter explores the narratives of the triumphs and tragedies of history, and the impressions left behind by man and nature. Peter is the founding member of  GOOPof7, an Edmonton and St. Albert abstract artist collective focused on impasto painting. Having won his first ever Art Battle competition in December 2015, Peter was also a finalist in the Alberta Provincial Finals.



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Teddy Dwight Frederick
Ottawa, ON
Painting in: Art Battle 428, Ottawa, September 28


A multidisciplinary self taught artist from the island of Grenada, Teddy Dwight Frederick blurs the line between painting and photography. Creating incredible worlds in camera using body painted models, surreal sets, and perspective techniques, Teddy’s work pushes the limits of perception. Training and exhibiting in China, London, Paris, New York, the Caribbean region and notably at the Grenada National Museum, Teddy brings many cultural influences to his work. This will be Teddy’s first time participating in Art Battle, and we look forward to the way his innovative techniques will translate to the AB easel!


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Allan André – 2016 Art Battle National Champion
Ottawa, ON


A Canadian born artist of west indian decent, Allan André is known for his realist style infused with graphic colour and emotion. Allan believes that art is the fuel that drives us in all facets of life, contributing to what he calls “the collective masterpiece.” Allan is an avid live artist, whose work has been commissioned and exhibited widely throughout Canada and the United States.

Allan represented Ottawa in the 2014 Art Battle National Championships, and again in 2016. Painting against the best live artists from across the country, in a ferocious display of creativity and expression, Allan took the title of 2016 Art Battle Canada Champion.