Book a Live Art Experience for your audience  with Art Battle® ???

Art Battle Live Art Experiences create memories and impact for groups of 10 to 10,000. Champion-level Art Battle artists share their skill in competition and interactive experience!

We also engage our network of hundreds of Champion Artists in ?Mural Production, ?Stencil Distribution, and bespoke Arts Driven Marketing?

Our local teams work with Champion artists in ??New York, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas, ??Toronto, Vancouver, ??Bristol, London, ??Amsterdam, ??Beijing, ??Tokyo, and ??Sydney.

Our group loves working with Art Battle. The artists are incredible, and it’s just the right level of interaction to keep the audience bidding at the silent auction.Tomas D., Director, Cause Agency

Art Battle makes fun fundraising easy. Thanks to all the artists!Victoria R.,Cause Up