Data Use and Privacy Policy

This page is intended to share information about how Art Battle collects and uses information about it’s website visitors, customers, artists, buyers, and others who interact with us through electronic means.

We collect personal information in two main ways: 1. we ask for it in contact forms, signup processes, at events, or through other explicit means. We also 2. collect information on all visitors through third party automated systems like analytics and ad success tracking and targeting services (like Google, Facebook, Twitter)

Information explicitly collected (1) is done so to facilitate the course of our offering to those visitors (ex. for artists to sign up to compete at an event, or to sell tickets for guests to attend events). This information commonly includes data like: name, phone number, IP address, postal code. We don’t collect information about exactly where people live or connect from, or sensitive personal information like birthdates, credit card, or health information. Information automatically collected by third parties (2) is done so that we may understand aggregate trends in how people interact us, and as well to allow non-personal ad targeting to groups of users who fit certain criteria based on information shared.

Access to personal information stored with Art Battle is limited to a small group of staff members and producers in local cities, and most often presented through reports that restrict information sharing as much as possible for the purpose (ex. when reviewing artist applications, contact information is hidden until an offer to participate is made). Additionally, the data is stored on modern servers, protected by multi-factor authentication and in a technology environment that is frequently updated with the latest relevant security patches where possible.

Data shared with Art Battle is stored on servers in the United States (main website) and Canada (auction bidding site).

‘Cookies’ are in use on this site, both to facilitate easy, personalized navigation and experiences, and allow users to prevent data loss when entering form information. We also allow the serving of third party cookies for analytcis and ad targeting as above in (2) that collected by third parties.

Wherever possible we make data fields non-mandatory so visitors have some control over the data they share. Information is submitted to us through forms, in most cases users are unable to access or modify that data through the site.

Artists, guests, and website users are welcome to contact us to request additional information about the above policy, to request a copy of any information we have, or request that we remove any information from our records:

Art Battle International
1920 Hillhurst Ave
Suite 278
Los Feliz, CA


Simon Plashkes, Data Protection Officer