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AB2762 – Tacoma

June 16 @ 3:00 pm PDT

Art Battle Tacoma @ Meeker Days – June 16, 2024

Painting starts @ 3:00pm
Pioneer Park – 330 S Meridian, Puyallup, WA

This is a Free and All Ages event!

Assemble your squad and get ready for a night of epic creativity!

Watch as talented artists battle it out in three rounds of 20-minute masterpieces, all created with open materials.

The pieces will be auctioned off and the crowd will crown the ultimate champion of the day!

Be a part of the fun as a spectator, or participate as one of the featured artists by applying online at artbattle.com/artists!




Artists can apply to compete. Also, most events have a ‘Wildcard’ easel, where artists leave their names at the door and we draw at random to pick the Wildcard Artist. To be a potential wildcard artist, just buy a ticket and show up!

Confirmed Competitors

Megan McDermott

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Instagram: Gobsofcolor

Megan returns! Megan has said the challenge of live painting is a thrill, and getting to know other painters is pure joy. Describing her work as raw and powerfully emotional, Megan’s vibrant paintings feature loads of emotions and gobs of color.

From the artist:

I love getting to meet the other artists of ArtBattle! It's such a rush to compete and see what we all make in 20 minutes.

Arrow Wehmeier

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Instagram: Arromaniac

Arrow likes to tell stories with what they create. They love to show the abstract parts of life and embrace the flaws in everything around us. Arrow left home senior year to pursue art and they are currently living on their own and attending art school, proving them all wrong. To Arrow, growing as an artist is one of their biggest inspirations.

From the artist:

My name is Arrow Wehmeier and I'm a 19 year old independent artist. I left home my senior year of highschool to finally pursue art. I've been painting ever since I could pick up a brush, and learning and growing as an artist has always been my biggest passion. I like to take every opportunity and turn it into a lesson for myself. I hoping to grow alot from art battle and I'm excited to compete again! 2nd art battle here I come!

Michael Travis

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Instagram: @fayedraway

Michael's work is all about chaos, focusing on people and characters to make abstract emotions and concepts less daunting. He avoids narrowing down their perspective on life and society, using chaos to explore the complexities of existence. Skilled in pen and ink and illustration, with a knack for blending in painting, he specializes in portraiture and caricatures.

From the artist:

I'm here to make a mess and look good while doing it. Enjoy the show!

Hillarie Isackson

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Instagram: @hillarieart

Hillarie is a full-time fine artist, specializing in murals, live wedding and event paintings and portraits. She has a BFA in Fine Art and Design. Art Battle has helped Hillarie move away from her sometimes-rigid painting style and pushes her to let go of details, focusing on the creative process. She also enjoys painting Pacific Northwest scenes and infusing them with color and contrast.

From the artist:

I’m honored to be in my fifth art battle, including the regionals this past January.
Art Battle has been the creative outlet I’ve needed to evolve my skills, and be a part of a community of artists. I am a full time fine artist, specializing in murals and live wedding and event paintings and portraits with a BFA in Fine Art and Design.

Miz Chaos

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Instagram: mizchaos

This marks Miz Chaos's 8th live painting competition and her fourth city! Her work is characterized by its mixed media approach, incorporating elements such as book pages, recycled paper, gold flake, resin, and more. She aims to transport her audience away from the everyday world with her art, offering them an escape into something more immersive and imaginative.

From the artist:

I hope to spread cheer and positivity with my vibrant and whimsical art. I believe that art should be for everyone. 🙂

Delonna Halliday

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Delonna employs watercolor to immortalize enchanting and occasionally fanciful moments. Her preferred canvas size tends to be petite, with the majority of her projects measuring less than 5x7 inches. Despite this preference, she eagerly embraces challenges and seized the opportunity in February 2023 to craft two pieces for use by Art Battle at the Seattle Center.

From the artist:

I love the way art challenges each of us and can bring us closer together!

Jeff Manderville

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Jeff is back! Jeff's art ranges from non-objective forms and lines to surreal land and seascapes, and even some expressionist pieces. While he is primarily a painter, he also enjoys sculpturing and mixing media.

From the artist:

Let’s get painted!

Johnny G

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Instagram: 3G3 Art

Johnny, drawing since age 11, began painting 3-4 years ago. He explores outer space and marine life themes with neon and glow-in-the-dark paints. He launched "Smash the Hate," an anti-bullying and anti-violence art campaign, after his cousin's tragic loss to gun violence. Johnny infuses emotion into his portraits and challenges himself publicly, focusing on technique and speed.

From the artist:

*Grew up and went to school from kindergarten to 9th grade in Puyallup.
*Self-learned artist, as in I've never gone to art school.
*Started a campaign in remembrance of my cousin who was killed while a student at Kalles Jr High School, which I'm trying to make into a non-profit which brings the community together and promotes anti-bullying and anti-violence through art called Smash the Hate.

Rae Galloway

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Rae, returning to Art Battle, finds themselves irresistibly drawn into the realm of spontaneous painting. Their journey into this expressive art form began back in July 2022, and by the following May, they were already sharing their passion by teaching watercolor courses. While watercolor remains Rae's primary love, they also explore the realms of gouache, ink, pastels, and various multimedia techniques, allowing their creativity to flow freely across different mediums.

From the artist:

I am so excited to be here and can't wait to show you how dynamic and beautiful watercolor paints can be!

Chelsea Belle

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Instagram: ChelseaBelle.arts

Chelsea's expertise lies in gouache watercolor. She embarked on her artistic journey by creating renditions of people's beloved cartoons. Instead of meticulously planning her pieces, she embraces spontaneity by simply dipping her brush and letting creativity flow.


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Evan has been creating graffiti and cartoon abstract characters since childhood, though he took a long hiatus. He believes it's never too late to reignite his passion for art. His skills include drawing, painting, and spray painting.

From the artist:

When life gives you lemons, grind up the peels and make paint.

Elizabeth Dodd-Deissler

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Instagram: Lizdeisslertattoo

Elizabeth is a versatile artist, also working as an LPN, tattoo artist, and painter. She prefers oil paint and tattoo ink as her mediums, particularly specializing in UV pigments for both her paintings and tattoos. With a foundation in classical art, Elizabeth immerses herself in studying master copies using acrylics and oils.

From the artist:

Nurse and tattoo artist at Noble Studio. I study master copies with acrylic and oils.


June 16
3:00 pm PDT
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