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AB2788 – Halifax Championship

June 15 @ 7:30 pm ADT

Art Battle Nova Scotia Finals! – June 15, 2024

Doors @ 7:30pm / Painting @ 8:15pm
Atlantica Hotel1980 Robie St, Halifax, NS

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Join Art Battle Halifax for a Saturday night full of live art!
Regular season event winners and All-Stars from Halifax return for their chance to become the 2024 Novaa Scotia Champion and head to the Canadian National Championships in Toronto in July!
Come watch as artists transform blank canvases into beautiful pieces of art in 3 rounds of just 20 minutes, and then help vote to determine the winner of the event!
All artwork will also be available for silent auction.
Art Battle Nova Scotia Finals is an All Ages event.




Artists can apply to compete. Also, most events have a ‘Wildcard’ easel, where artists leave their names at the door and we draw at random to pick the Wildcard Artist. To be a potential wildcard artist, just buy a ticket and show up!

Confirmed Competitors

Megan Kyak-Monteith

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Instagram: MK.MONTEITH

Megan, a full-time painter and illustrator, likes to draw people and reflective surfaces. When not painting, they like badminton, making models and watching horror films. She works in fine arts as a painter and animator and recent works were shown at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Ottawa City Hall Gallery.

From the artist:

I work in fine arts as a painter and animator, recent works were shown at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Ottawa City Hall Gallery.

Taqwa Mahmood

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Instagram: Taqwartnl

Taqwa is back! Taqwa, an acrylic artist, says there is no hidden meaning behind her art. She just creates something that is beautiful to the eye.

Gabriela Warlet

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Instagram: whiterosesinacup

Gabriela tries to mix creepy, horror art with soft elements. She does everything from tattoo designs to portraits and loves turning everything she sees into an art style. Gabriela is also a musician and skilled at digital media.

From the artist:

I am very happy to be in the finals being able to put one of my biggest passions into practice in front of others. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope my art makes you feel something!

Craig Baltzer

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Instagram: baltzers_arts

Craig returns to Art Battle! He is a watercolorist and acrylic painter, primarily focused on house portrait pieces and landscapes. He enjoys painting outdoors and studying all of his surroundings. Additionally, Craig is an alumnus of NSCADU and teaches illustration and painting workshops.

From the artist:

So glad to be here again! I've had the chance to be a part of the Art Battle community for some years now and made it to Toronto in 2019!
I am a watercolorist and acrylic painter, primarily focused on house portrait pcs and landscape; I enjoy painting outdoors and studying all my surroundings.
I am an alumni of NSCADU and teach illustration and painting workshops.

boma the artist

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Instagram: Bomatheartist

Boma has a strong interest in people, so much so that the human spirit and its relationship with its environment are the driving force behind his art. Utilizing expressive colors, he examines daily subjects in a contemporary style, drawing strong influences from his fascination with graffiti art.

Raiana Garaeva

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Instagram: raiana_art

Raiana draws various topics but mainly animals. She is open to new topics and is very curious in choosing subjects to draw. Many of the animals who posed for her believe that the paintings have the potential to come to alive over time. Her skillset includes colored pencils, acrylic paint, watercolor, gouache, and markers.

From the artist:

Raiana draws all her free non-procrastinator time, preferring portraits of animals. Usually acrylic paints and a good mood are used for this. But not really always.
Many of the animals who posed for her believe that the paintings have the potential to come to life over time. She can't wait to start and is already looking forward to seeing the masterpieces of her colleagues today!

Kris Rudic

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Instagram: artofkristof

Kris is back! Kris describes his art as detailed and expressive. He loves a challenge and believes there is no challenge quite like an Art Battle.

From the artist:

Started art battle when I was 19, a fast 8 years ago. shoutout to the whole community. here we’ve challenged eachother to grow and revel in the creative force together. thankyou to everyone who has come out for those of us at the easels tonight at the biggest event of the year. my friends, let’s paint.

Alison Kervin

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Instagram: Akervinart

Alison is a contemporary multi-media artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her work has been featured in galleries throughout Nova Scotia and she has sold paintings globally. Alison even published an art activity book called Doodle Canoodle in 2023.

Grotto Salsman

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Instagram: foxes.and.fungi

Grotto's art is whimsical, flowing and bold. It is filled to the brim with emotion and up for your interpretation.
He loves using oil pastels because it brings the boldest colors with incredible blending power. Grotto also draws, sculpts, screen-prints and sews.

Zoey Russell

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Instagram: Zoeyrattoos

Zoey, a tattoo apprentice, says her art is heavily influenced by fantasy and surrealism. She loves mechanical pencils and has dabbled in everything but oils.

From the artist:

I like beanies rats and tattoos

Joanne Fouchard

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Instagram: kittencrumpet

Joanne is a digital and mixed media artist. She explores both traditional and nontraditional methods. Joanne tries to find inspiration everywhere she looks in life and tries to express things differently. She hopes people can look at her art and see things with a different perspective

From the artist:

Currently exploring using puzzle pieces in my paintings. I enjoy using new things in my paintings, such as shells, sand, and twine mixed in my paints!

Armita Askari

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Instagram: Armita_artworks

Armita, an acrylic painter and graphic designer located in Halifax, has been deeply involved in painting since childhood. Portraits predominantly fill her portfolio, reflecting her passion for showcasing female empowerment through her art. Known for her swift painting skills, Armita embraces the exhilarating challenge of competing with fellow artists, finding it both enjoyable and stimulating.

From the artist:

“Art is a way to express your emotions without saying a word”


June 15
7:30 pm ADT