Interview with Art Battle 259 Champion Rob Nicholson

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Interview with Art Battle 259 Champion Rob Nicholson, by Nick Hebb

We first met Rob Nicholson as a Wildcard painter, drawn from the audience last season in Ottawa.
We couldn’t wait to have him back at the easel, and April 10th he earned the title of Art Battle 259 Champion! We will see Rob paint again against other Ottawa Champions in the City Finals, June 2015.


What drew you to Art Battle?

I’d never heard of Art Battle until my wife’s uncle Ame Papatsie was competing and I went to watch him. I got a wild card spot and I was hooked on the creative energy buzzing through the event.

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How much do you prepare what you’ll be painting before you do a battle?

I prepared big time. I did several timed practice paintings, trying to figure out what is possible given the lack of paint drying time.

What would it mean to you to compete in the Art Battle National Championships?

If I was able to get the opportunity to compete in the Art Battle National Championship, I would consider it the pinnacle of my career ; I’d be over the moon.

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Who is your favorite painter(s)?

There are several painters that have served as role models for me ; Clayton Insley, David Jean, Ken Damby and Mendelson Joe (all Canadian)

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What does Art Battle mean to you?

A lot, I’ve been a stay at home dad with a son with disabilities for 15 years, which was extremely challenging . My art is my respite.‎ It’s so satisfying to share it with the artistic community AB has created.