Selected: PART 2

Studio Works by Art Battle Painters, Part

2 at #Hashtag Gallery

Art Battle Canada is proud to be hosting two dedicated gallery exhibitions at #Hashtag Gallery in Toronto. These shows feature amazing studio paintings selected from artists who have competed with ABC in live events across the country.

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Part 2 runs from Jan 29nd to Feb 1st

Opening reception 7-10pm on Friday Jan 30th

Anthony Smerek
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 36

Opening Bid: $300
Anthony Smerek is an artist and designer from Halifax now based in Toronto, with an education in Fine Art from the University of Western. His work plays with the weight of surfaces, and relationship between media and canvas. Through this process he creates pieces whose texture and form invite the viewer to contemplate the nature of change vs permanence. Anthony is an Art Battle All-Star painter, having competed many times, including our 75 painter competition Paint the Halls in May 2013.


Tony Smerek part 2

prettyboy/goldenboy – Anthony Smerek


Ashley Anne Clark
Beach Foxes 27
Watercolour and Seaweed on Wood Panel
16 x 20

Opening Bid: $200

Ashley Anne Clark is a mixed media artist based in Charlottetown, PEI. Her current body of work is focused on animals, and seeks to engage the viewer in imagining the experience and struggle of surviving and thriving in today’s world. Through the personification of her animal subjects, Ashley examines themes of balance, correlation, memory and personality.

Ashley was featured as an All Star in the 2014 Art Battle Prince Edward Island Championship.


AshleyAnneClark part 2

Beach Foxes 27 – Ashley Anne Clark

Carlos Delgado
Breaking Dawn
Acrylic on Canvas
16 x 20

Opening Bid: $275
Carlos Delgado is a Columbian artist based out of Toronto. His work mixes the urban with the rural, and the traditional with the modern. Employing a wide varied of techniques and styles, Carlos explores the complexity and beauty of human beings and their connection to culture, the environment and one another.

Carlos first competed in Art Battle in 2011 and since has become an Art Battle heavyweight, having competed in over 20 events. Carlos currently holds the title of Art Battle Toronto Champion with fellow artist Zara Diniz, and was a finalist in the 2014 Art Battle National Championship at the iconic Maple Leaf Gardens.


Carlos Delgado part 2

Breaking Dawn

Corey Hardeman
All Together Now
Oil on Canvas
30 x 24

Opening Bid: $1,150

Corey Hardeman is an artist based in Prince George, BC, who paints representational work and infuses each piece with elements of abstraction and fleeting movement. Corey is inspired by her home in the Boreal forest, and her current body of work focuses on creating a sense of identity through place and explores themes of isolation, loss and cycles of regeneration.

Corey has exhibited her work in group and solo exhibitions all across Canada, and represented British Columbia in the 2014 Art Battle National Championships.


Corey Hardeman part 2

All Together Now – Corey Hardeman

Elly Smallwood

Acrylic on Canvas
11 x 14

Opening Bid: $300
Elly Smallwood is a Toronto based painter, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCADU. Elly‘s portraits utilize stark colours and raw brush strokes, creating works that are intensely personal, and a visual examination of mind and body. Elly was highlighted by the Artist Project in 2012 as an “Untapped Emerging Artist” and was a Toronto Art Battle finalist in 2014.


Elly Smallwood Part 2

Repose – Elly Smallwood

Ellyn Woods
I Have a Face
Acrylic on Paper
8 x 10

Opening Bid: 75$

Ellyn Woods is a Montreal based artist, currently studying Art History and Studio Art at Concordia University. Exploring an array of subject matter and media, Ellyn is fueled by the act of mark making.


Ellyn Woods part 2

I Have a Face – Ellyn Woods

Erin Crowley
Lake Huron
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

Opening Bid: $350

Erin Crowley is an artist based in Peterborough, whose artwork is inspired by natural landscapes and the duality of land versus sky. She builds texture by pressing leaves and plant material into a layers of flexible plaster and uses a variety of acrylic paint and gel mediums to create her works in a playful process that means every piece is completely unique.


Erin Crowley Part 2

Lake Huron – Erin Crowley

Erin Loree
Life’s a Beach
Oil on Canvas
18 x 24

Opening Bid: $400

Erin Loree’s work reflects her fascination with the transience of nature and its ability to remind us of the constant transformation within ourselves. Working expressively with oil on canvas, she combines diffused gradients with thick and visceral marks to create human or ghost-like forms that resemble anthropomorphized natural phenomena.

Erin has been the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, including the 2012 OCAD University Medal for Drawing and Painting, and completed the artist-in-residence program at the Sachaqa Art Center in Peru.


Erin Loree Part 2

Life’s a Beach – Erin Loree

Isaac Gillis
On the Edge
Acrylic on Board
16 x 24

Opening Bid: $500

Isaac Gillis is a Kingston based artist, who’s current work is based around a recently closed diner called “The Right Spot Restaurant”. Collecting and repurposing wood and other materials from the site of the diner, Isaac incorporates these found objects elevating them in his work, allowing their nostalgia to become a part of the piece, tell their stories, and become something new.


Isaac Gillis part 2

On the Edge – Isaac Gillis


Jacqueline Poirier
Plate Art – Ketchup Chips and Emperor Penguin
Ceramic paint on plate

Opening Bid: 95$ for each

Jacqueline Poirier is a Toronto based artist, who specializes in custom and commissioned works. The versatility and clarity of vision in her work encourages open discussion inspired by the love of art. She is currently the resident artist at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto where she has received media acclaim for her ongoing series of custom painted plates. Jacqueline holds the title for most Art Battle wins, and represented Toronto in the 2012 Art Battle National Championship.


Jacqueline Poirier Part 2 a

Lay’s Ketchup Chips – Jacqueline Poirier

Jacqueline Poirier part 2 b

Emperor Penguin – Jacqueline Poirier


Jamil Keyani
[email protected]
Acrylic on Canvas
20 x 24

Opening Bid: $175

Jamil Keyani has been a painter and designer from a young age. In search of honestly about himself and our world, Jamil portrays characters both real and mythical, with a style that is an evolution of his background in illustration, graffiti, and design.

Born in Oslo Norway, and raised in British Columbia, Jamil first competed at Art Battle Vancouver in May of 2012, winning the event and earning a spot in the first ever West Coast final.


Jamil Keyani Part 2

[email protected] – Jamil Keyani


Jane Irwin
Cliff Face
Acrylic on Wood Panel
6 x 6

Opening Bid: 175$

Newfoundland Beach
Acrylic on Wood Panel
6 x 6

Opening Bid: 175$

Jane Irwin is an architectural glass artist and painter based in Toronto, who spent time on Change Islands in Newfoundland, sketching and painting the landscape. During that time, she photographed the rocky terrain at the waters’ edge, and it is those photos that inspired this series of paintings. The imagery was built up using a bright palette that includes fluorescent yellow and pink, colours whose heat references the abundance of life found at the shoreline.

Jane has been creating and exhibiting work for 25 years, and has been a commissioned for many public artworks for clients such as CAMH, and the TTC.


Jane Irwin part 2 A

Cliff Face – Jane Irwin

Newfoundland Beach - Jane Irwin

Newfoundland Beach – Jane Irwin


Julie Gladstone
New Home
Oil and Spray Paint on Canvas
30 x 40

Opening Bid: $1000

Julie Gladstone is an abstract landscape painter working primarily in oil and spray paint. Her work develops new strategies for portraying landscape with a particular focus on weather patterns as well as the relationship between nature and culture particularly in urban settings. She is interested in how consumer culture interacts with and affects the natural world. Julie’s paintings contribute to the discourse in the history of painting about Man vs. Nature.
Julie has been the recipient of various awards including, the Toronto Arts Council Emerging Visual Arts Grant in 2014,  and the Artscape Award for best of show at the 2014 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.


Julie Gladstone part 2

New Home – Julie Gladstone

William J. Lambert
Death in it’s Entirety
Oil on Board
8 x 12

Opening Bid: $475

Justin William Lambert is a self taught artist from Ontario, now based in Vancouver. Primarily focused on still life painting, Justin creates thoughtful vignettes that imbue everyday objects and emphemera with nostalgic reverence.


Justin Lambert part 2

Death in it’s Entirety – Justin William Lambert

Karel Prickett Perez
Green Marina
Acrylic on Canvas
18 x 26

Karel Prickett Perez is an artist based in Fredericton, NB who uses a variety of tools and applications to create visceral landscape works. Raised primarily in South America, Karel’s work draws heavily upon iconography accumulated through his life. Karel methods, while fresh and brash, reject the angst so frequently found in the work of young generations, yielding instead an ethereal calm that suggests peace of mind and confidence moving forward.


Karel Prickett Perez part 2

Green Marina – Karel Prickett Perez


Katrina Manigbas
Finish Me, Finish Me Not
Acrylic on Canvas
16 x 20

Opening Bid: $300

Katrina Manigbas is a Toronto based artist from the Philippines who first discovered her love of painting in 2011, the same year that she moved to Canada. Her work focuses on creating a dynamic balance of emotion, free flowing representation, and impressionism. Armed with a bold palette, she always attacks the canvas with creative zeal. Katrina represented Toronto in the 2014 Art Battle National Championship at the iconic Maple Leaf Gardens.


Katrina Manigbas part 2

Finish Me, Finish Me Not – Katrina Manigbas

Michelle Reid
Purple House Cafe
Acrylic on Wood Panel
10 x 10

Opening Bid: $325

Michelle Reid is an artist based in Kingston, although an avid traveller, she finds the most inspiration in the city she calls home. Through her representation of familiar landscapes and nostalgic locations, Michelle seeks to slow the hum of busy consumerist life by highlighting the beautiful and charming moments if the everyday.


Purple House Cafe - Michelle Reid

Purple House Cafe – Michelle Reid

Morgan Booth

Take a Moment

Acrylic on Canvas

16 x 20
Opening Bid: $200

Morgan Booth is a painter and arts organizer currently based in Toronto. Her work calls to the subtle moments of release and beauty in the imagination of a busy urban lifestyle. Through work with many National and International charity an aid initiatives, she advocates a greater voice for creativity in connecting people with positive change. Morgan is a two-time Art Battle Champion, currently serving as Manager of Artist Communications for Art Battle Canada and Ultimate Painting International.

Morgan Booth part 2

Take a Moment – Morgan Booth

Olga Pankova
Old Rusty
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 36

Opening Bid: $1400

Olga Pankova is an artist based in Markham who’s colour-rich works radiate with vitality. Known for her joyful depictions of an array of subject matter, Olga’s current focus is on portrait painting, and representations of the natural world.  Eclectic, yet harmonious, her works seem to exist in a domain of dreams. Olga represented Markham in the 2014 Art Battle National Championship, and will be a 2015 Toronto Finalist.


Old Rusty - Olga Pankova

Old Rusty – Olga Pankova

Scott O’Neil
Petty Harbour
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

Opening Bid: $650

Scott O’Neil is an artist based in Charlottetown, PEI. Working with oils and acrylics, Scott is a studio and plain air artist, inspired by the life and landscapes of Prince Edward Island. By capturing these scenes, Scott hopes to distill the fleeting moment to preserve the beauty in our everyday lives.

Scott O’Neil was the winner of October’s Art Battle 175 in Charlottetown.


Petty Harbour - Scott O'Neil

Petty Harbour – Scott O’Neil

Ted Hayward
Encaustic on Canvas
8 x 8

Opening Bid: $199

Ted Hayward is a Vancouver based, self taught artist who works in acrylics, watercolours and encaustic. Inspired by the insignificant patch of nature passed by, unnoticed,  he seeks to convey even a glimmer of the diversity encountered within the everyday. With no formal art training, Ted sights the natural world, in all its colour and texture, as his tutor.

Ted has been the recipient of various awards including the Best of the Best, Kennedy Publishing, World-Wide Artists Award, Winner, 2009, 2010, 2011 American Art Awards: Acrylics and
2010 Collectors’ Visual Art Guide, Kennedy Publishing.


Ted Hayward part 2

Cosmos – Ted Hayward


Tony Taylor
Facts are Stupid
Oil on Birch Panel
20 x 20

Opening Bid: $550

Tony Taylor is a Toronto based artist with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCADU and a Masters in Painting from the University of Arts in London, England. Tony creates socially engaging works by challenging norms through the exploration of personification, body language and perceived reality. Tony was the recipient of “The Art of Resistance” Award from Nipissing University, as well as a selected “Untapped Emerging Artist” from the 2011 Artist Project. This is Tony’s first season painting with Art Battle, were he was a finalist in Toronto’s Art Battle 178.


Tony Taylor part 2

Facts are Stupid – Tony Taylor

Yirang Kim
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

Opening Bid: $180

Yirang Kim is a Calgary based artist, who has spent half of her life in South Korea and other half in Calgary, Canada. A storyteller, Yirang tells the chaotic stories through the visual language of her painting practise, that she has gained from her experience of the world, it’s people and from her unknown self.

Yirang has exhibited internationally in group and solo exhibitions in Canada, South Korea, Austria and the United States.


Neglected - Yirang Kim

Neglected – Yirang Kim

Zara Diniz
Self Portrait
Oil on Canvas
20 x 36

Opening Bid: $1400

Zara Diniz

Zara Diniz is a Toronto based artist who’s work is deeply influenced by her travels around the world, which have introduced her to new environments and ways of living. By playing with space and perception, through a combination of classical realism and painterly expressionism, her works often have a fleeting, surrealist quality. Zara currently holds the title of 2014 Art Battle Toronto Champion with fellow artist Carlos Delgado.


Zara Diniz part 2