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Art Battle is back! And we are celebrating with a truly grand battle – Art Battle Toronto All-Star artists Meaghan Claire Kehoe and Rei Misiri will compete in two hours on their own new Porsche Taycan canvas. Don’t miss this one! Join us in person or online.


The Art of Electric: Art Battle x Taycan
Tuesday September 28th at 7pm
Wychwood Barns
Toronto 76 Wychwood Ave,
Toronto, ON M6G 2X7

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About Meaghan Claire Kehoe and Rei Misiri

With a fascination toward human psychology and inner strength, Toronto based artist Meaghan Claire Kehoe’s art engages with female strength, depth, resilience and confidence. Her works are about connectivity, inclusivity, and awareness. With intense expressive colour, splashes of realism, and punches of geometric shapes and collage, her beautiful aesthetic draws you in. Meaghan is Art Battle royalty, having twice represented Toronto in the Canadian National Championship. 

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Rei “MEDĒIO” Misiri is a Toronto based calligraphy artist born in Tirana, Albania. Unlike conventional calligraphy, which focuses on the language of words, Rei’s approach to his craft solely focuses on the sublime language of movement, rhythm, emotion, and synergy, which words may not express. His elaborate designs and portraits begin with a general intention and direction, however, improvisation is what allows his hands to capture the purities of emotion.

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