Tongson Chen


By Morgan Booth

Tongson Chen is a 23 year old painter living and working in Toronto. Tong’s current practice explores the use of salvaged materials from the streets of Toronto and mixed media to create a commentary on his city’s landscape. His multi-layered pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity while at the same time urging the viewer to take a closer look at their surroundings and the way they choose to interact with them. Tong has painted several times with Art Battle, and most recently competed at the 2012 Art Battle National Championships, tonight he returns to paint at Art Battle 48 joining a heavy hitting line-up of painters.

photo by Mike Hwang

photo by Mike Hwang


You are Co-Director at Creatures Creating, what is Creatures and what do you do there?

Creatures Creating is an artist run gallery and studio. We are also home to several local bands.聽 My job is to keep everyone tight 馃榾




Do you think it’s important to be involved in the art community?

I聽believe that the artist community is a gem. It’s a聽crucial aspect of my artistic career to be involved with other聽artists聽and their practice.
Describe your first Art Battle experience, was it what you expected?

2 on 2 battle, painting with a nearly broken collar-bone from a biking accident, couple sips of liquid courage, didn’t make it past first round, amazing!
If you could Art Battle anyone dead or alive who would you choose?
The lumber jack, Kevin Columbus.
For future Art Battle painters, what is your best battle tip?
Paint with lots of funk.
Tongson Chen will be painting tonight at Art Battle 48, 730pm The Great Hall 1087 Queen Street West
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