1. Competition Rules
  2. Supplied Materials and What to Bring
  3. Selection Process and Checking in at Event
  4. Voting
  5. Auction and Prizing
  6. Inviting friends and Social Media
  7. Other Frequently Asked Questions



Art Battle is a live competitive painting event. Painters will create the best work they can across three timed rounds. As they work, the audience moves around the easels, allowing them an up close view of the creative process. The only medium used is acrylic paint and the tools allowed are brushes, palette knives or any other non-mechanical implements. At the end of the round, the audience votes for their favorite painting and the top 2 artist move on to the Final Round with a new canvas. Audiences can also later place bids in a silent auction to take the paintings home.

How does the competition work?

The painters are split up into two 20 minute rounds. The top 2 painters from each round as determined by audience vote will paint a second time in the 3rd and Final Round with a fresh canvas. The Final Round has the same rules as the first two rounds. The top voted painter from the Final is the Art Battle Winner!



  1. Artists have 20 minutes to create their competition artwork (30 minutes in some championship rounds)
  2. Artists must use the blank canvas provided at the competition as the surface for their artwork
  3. The artwork must be placed on the easel as provided at the conclusion of the round
  4. Artists are encouraged to bring their own mediums and tools. A limited set of acrylic paint is provided by local Art Battle producers. Artists are encouraged (but not required) to bring outside medium — Allowed mediums include: acrylic paint, ink, oil paint, charcoal, pen, pencil, watercolor, and more. Water based* *aerosol, airbrush, oils with solvent are permitted only at some venues, but restricted at others – audience safety and comfort is the main consideration in materials being allowed or not
  5. The use of reference images are permitted, but not required. Any reference images must be printed or prepared on paper
  6. Pre-made images (collage), including stencils, are not permitted. Creation of stencils ‘at the easel’ and during competition time is permitted
  7. The local/global audience votes for the best artwork in each round, and the winner(s) advance to further rounds/events



What do I need to bring to the event?

Selected Artists need only to bring their brushes or any other non-mechanical painting tools they would like to use. Art Battle will provide all other supplies necessary to the competition including easels, paint, canvas, water containers, mixing plates and cleaning towel.

How big is the canvas?

18×24 or larger in Rounds 1 and 2, 20×24 or larger in the Final Round. Any significant change in canvas size will be noted prior to the event by your local organizer

How many paintings in total will I have to paint at the event?

Participating artists are guaranteed to create one painting, and will create a second painting if voted into the Final Round.

What colors will you be providing?

  •    Titanium White
  •    Black
  •    Bright Yellow
  •    Bright Red
  •    Bright Orange
  •    Phthalo Green
  •    Primary Cyan or other dark hue (Blue)
  •    Cerulean (light Blue)
  •    Unbleached Titanium
  •    Burnt Umber (dark brown)
  •    Burnt Sienna

*This is the base list of paint that will be available, additional colors may be available at the event


How are artists selected to paint in Art Battle?

Artists are asked to fill out an application at and are selected based on competition space availability and quality of submission.

How will I know if I am selected to paint?

You will receive an email invitation from Art Battle, you must respond to this invitation as soon as possible to ensure your spot in the competition, always be sure to check your spam! You must complete the confirmation form in this invitation to participate.

Is there a cost to participate?

There is never a fee or cost for Artists to participate in Art Battle

Where can I find info for the event I am painting in?

In your Official Art Battle invitation you will find all information you need for the event including address, artist call time, and organizer contact info

Do I have to pay to get in, and can I bring a guest?

Artist entry to the event is free, and all selected Artists may bring 1 free guest unless otherwise noted by the event organizer

Once I get to the event what can I expect?

You will check in with your local organizer, and they will go over with you what round you will be painting in, competition rules and how you can expect the night to unfold



How does the voting work?

In-person and online voting is available for everyone. Votes are weighted depending on a number of factors including the experience of the voter, if they are a registered artist / competitor, or if it is their first time at the show. For example, online votes are worth about 10% of what a regular first time in-person guest vote is worth. While artist votes are typically 2x a normal vote. Some very experienced collectors and voters may have a vote weight of up to 5x a normal vote.

Can participating Artists vote?

Yes of course!

When will I know if I have won?

Winning Artists from Round 1 and Round 2 as determined by audience vote will be announced shortly before the Final Round. The Event winner will be announced after the Final Round votes have been counted.



What do I get for winning the event?

Art Battle is a tournament and winning Artists of events will be invited to paint in the next level of competition, an Art Battle representative will contact you with further details. In most events there is also a cash prize, if you are unsure of the prize amount, please contact your local organizer. In some cases where an Artist is invited to paint in a special or private event these details may differ, this will be made clear by the local organizer at the time of booking.

How does the Auction work?

Works created at Art Battle will be made available for silent auction at the event with the Artist receiving 50% of the final collected sales price on their work. You local organizer will let you know at the event the starting bid price, as well as expected timeline and method of payment. Works that are unsold at the event remain the property of Art Battle to be made available for future sale with the same sales agreement of 50% to the artist.

In some cases where an Artist is invited to paint in a special or private event these details may differ, this will be made clear by the local organizer at the time of booking.

Image Usage

By participating in Art Battle, you agree to let us use photographs of you and/or your work at the event for promotional purposes. Paintings created at Art Battle are the property of Art Battle Canada Inc. and painters will receive 50% of total auction sales. Photographs of your work may be used for promotional purposes and for historical documentation. We will NOT sell reproductions of your work without your written permission.


How do I invite my friends?

You can share event pages with friends from our Facebook page or our event listings page links to purchase tickets can also be found there

Where can I find Art Battle on social media?

Instagram: @artbattle

Twitter: International: @artbattles Canadian: @artbattlecanada




Will you announce times during the round?

Yes, timing will be announced every few minutes by our MC to alert audiences and artists of remaining painting time.

Can I listen to music on my headphones at the event?


Is Art Battle All Ages?

This can differ from event to event, please contact your local organizer if you are unsure.

I am interested in organizing an Art Battle event, how can I do that?

We would love to hear from you!

How can I get in contact with my local organizer?

Contact info for your local organizer can be found in your emailed Official Artist Invitation

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Artist Communications Team at [email protected]

*All information subject to change, any significant difference to the information listed above will be made clear to participating artists at time of booking by the local organizer