Art Battle Canada celebrates Women’s College Hospital

On May 30th 2013, Art Battle Canada will Paint the Halls of the newly closed hospital. Together, we will celebrate the legacy of WCH and prepare for the construction of their new building. More than 1000 guests will watch, vote, and party while, 75 painters compete for $5,000 in prizes. Winners will be announced on the night of the event.


Information for patrons

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Information for painters


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We are looking for more than 75 painters to join us for this unique live painting competition. Each painter will be assigned a large wall space. Within the bounds of that space painters are permitted to create for the pleasure of the voting audience.

We will provide basic supplies, including acrylic paint to be shared amongst all the painters. Competitors are welcome to bring additional supplies (see additional details below).

First Prize: $3,000
Second Prize: $1,500
Third Prize: $500

Additional details

  • Paintings created at this event will not be permanent, they will be destroyed when the building is demolished. However, they will be carefully photographed, with the intent of producing high quality prints to record each work. These images and all rights associated with them will remain the property of Art Battle Canada or its designate.  Prints of each painting will be sold in limited editions to raise funds for Women’s College Hospital.
  • A special note for galleries: We take great efforts to amplify painter-gallery relationships. Galleries representing artists are encouraged to apply on behalf of artists (please check with them first!). We will take careful steps to promote gallery affiliations where applicable.
  • Painters who are selected from the application pool to compete at the event must pay a $25 fee by May 15th to confirm their registration.
  • All competitors must agree to specified limits on materials used, work style, themes, and messages to ensure guest safety, comfort, and fairness of the competition.

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