Terms applicable for all NFTs sold from June 8th to Present

Art Battle, in concert with Artist competitors, is offering for sale NFT editions of artworks created at live Art Battle® events. To register to purchase, please attend an event or SMS ‘NFT’ to +1(888)205-9419

Art Battle NFT Sale Terms and Conditions

1. Art Battle NFT Editions are strictly limited issue per canvas:

  • One (1) to the physical canvas original collector (‘0′ Edition or ‘Canvas Buyer Edition’)
  • One (1) to the artist (‘A‘ Edition or ‘Artist Edition’)
  • One (1) Art Battle Master (‘AB Master’)
  • One (1) to the prize funder (‘P‘ Edition), if applicable
  • Up to ten (10) editions for collectors and public purchase

2. Any of these individual editions may be considered ‘The Work’ (or together,  ‘Works’) for collection or sale. The substance of these Works is understood to be blockchain encoded information about, and digital imagery representations of, a specific artwork created at official Art Battle® event.

3. Purchase of any of the above editions or Works entitles the current holder 1) to display The Work in any virtual or real environment, 2) to transfer, sell, or resell The Work to any third party (provided the party has agreed to these terms in their entirety). No other rights are conveyed or implied and exclusive rights expressly retained by the Artist include: the creation of derivative works, paid publishing, and the right to recreate the work.

4. Sale or transfer of The Work is facilitated by an embedded smart contract that sees 7.5% of the future sale price be paid to the holder of the ‘A’ Edition (usually the Artist), and 2% of the future sale price paid to the holder of the ‘AB’ Edition (usually Art Battle). Upon authorized sale or transfer, the current holder relinquishes all associated rights and benefits in favor of the new holder.

5. Images representing and linked through The Work may be updated as artist progress and technology allow (for example, multiple photos documenting the blank to finished canvas, improved dry-canvas final capture with studio lighting, or high resolution 3d scans to reveal texture). The holder is always permitted to display any image or all digital captures associated with the underlying artwork.

All images, digital representations, and official information about each Work may be found at the following URL format:

Where AB0000 is the official Art Battle event number
Where 1 is the round number
Where 5 is the easel number
Where 9 is the edition number or designator