Jacinta Leblanc, 2015 Ottawa Finalist

Jacinta Leblanc Jacinta Leblanc is an Ottawa based artist hailing from the Maritimes, working in many different mediums who creates harmonious pieces with both abstract and representational elements. Fascinated by the balance between the chaotic and ordered, and artificial and natural, Jacinta’s work unfolds as a multi-layered exploration of the beautiful and grotesque. Jacinta’s exceptional performance this season has earned … Read More

Kalkidan Assefa, 2015 Ottawa Finalist

Kalikdan Assefa A Multimedia Visual Artist whose work is rooted in an aesthetic fusion of cultures, drawing from philosophy and the influence of ancient art as well as the contemporary. Kalkidan’s subject matter leans toward the figurative, with a bold colour palette and surreal and metaphysical subject matter. Beginning his Art Battle journey in 2013, Kalkidan was a 2014 Ottawa … Read More

Sarah O’Neill, 2015 Ottawa Finalist

Sarah O’Neill Graphic designer and self taught fine artist, Sarah O’Neill uses her work as an outlet to release her inner world of creativity with fluidity and rigor. Sarah won Art Battle  229, earning her a spot in the Ottawa City Finals, and the right to compete for the title of City Champion and the chance to represent Ottawa in … Read More

Galina Ponomarenko, 2015 Ottawa Finalist

Galina Ponomarenko A Russian mixed media artist and arts educator based in Ottawa, Galina Ponomarenko believes in the strength and growth that stems from artistic collaboration, and free flowing creative expression. Inspired by the play of light and colour, Galina’s work is filled with vibrancy. Winner of Art Battle 234, Galina will paint on June 12th in the Ottawa City … Read More

Diane Fontaine, 2015 Ottawa Finalist

Diane Fontaine Mixed media artist and owner of Gatineau based collaborative art space and gallery L’ESPACE 654, Diane Fontaine is inspired by the human body, portraits of multicultural women and horses. Exploring emotions, depth and movement through shadow contrasts and extreme light within her work, Diane was the winner of Art Battle 271 and will be painting with 15 other … Read More

Vincent Bolduc, 2015 Ottawa Finalist

Vincent Bolduc A young artist with a prolific output, Vincent Bolduc is inspired by the power of subversion, creating figurative and abstract works that challenge traditional themes of sexuality and violence. An exciting debut and powerful performance this season of Art Battle has earned Vincent a spot in the Ottawa City Finals on June 12th, where he will challenge 15 … Read More

Dominique Barbeau, 2015 Ottawa Finalist

Interview by Nick Hebb Dominique Barbeau is an artist who loves to experiment with different styles, drawing inspirations from the realms of fantasy and surrealism. Winner of Art Battle 146 is 2014, and multi-finalist this season, Dominique will be competing live with 15 other artists in the 2015 Art Battle Ottawa City Final for a chance to qualify for the … Read More

Dominique Boisvenue, 2015 Ottawa Finalist

Interview by Nick Hebb A Franco-Ontarian from Field, Dominique Boisvenue’s nomadic journey has allowed her to exercise her graffiti from northern Ontario to France. A strong advocate for abolishing negative perceptions of graffiti and street art, through her travels and studies at the Ottawa School of Art, she has evolved as a mixed media artist and an active facilitator of … Read More

Grace Simms

(Above: Grace Simms’ winning painting from Art Battle 41) January 12th, 2013, Grace Simms is voted as the first ever Art Battle Halifax Champion!  Grace is an Art teacher who lives in Truro NS, and was inspired to compete at Art Battle to make an example of courage for her students.  She ended up doing a lot more than that! … Read More

Craig Skinner

Craig Skinner is an emerging visual artist working in Toronto, Canada. His work focuses on distortion of the American dream, digital culture and it’s translation into the tangible. Craig recently participated in Pixel Pusher curated by Luke Painter at Angell Gallery. This is Craig’s second appearance with Art Battle. Artist website: Craig-Skinner.com