Kalkidan Assefa, 2015 Ottawa Finalist


Kalikdan Assefa

A Multimedia Visual Artist whose work is rooted in an aesthetic fusion of cultures, drawing from philosophy and the influence of ancient art as well as the contemporary. Kalkidan’s subject matter leans toward the figurative, with a bold colour palette and surreal and metaphysical subject matter.

Beginning his Art Battle journey in 2013, Kalkidan was a 2014 Ottawa Finalist, and has continued to prove a difficult artist to beat this season as well, winning Art Battle 234 against a cast of All Star artists in a special event in association with the Royal Canadian Mint. Kalkidan will be competing again in the Ottawa City Finals on June 12th against 15 other painters in the pursuit to represent Ottawa at the 2015 National Championship this July.

Interview by Nick Hebb

ab288-kalkidan assefa3

What drew you to Art Battle?

The artists, the energy from the crowd…I never really liked to live-paint but I took a chance and did something outside my comfort zone… After the first one, I was hooked!

How much do you prepare what you’ll be painting before you do a battle?

I haven’t always been prepared but generally I like to have painted my image a few times ahead of the battle so I know which colours I’ll be using. The more confident you feel the better it goes, so preparation can be useful. Then again I’ve won battles I was not at all prepared for and choked when I thought I was very prepared, so you never know how it will go I guess.

ab288-kalkidan assefa2

What would it mean to you to compete in the Art Battle National Championships?

I think it would be a great opportunity to expand my audience because Art Battle brings such a diverse group of artists together.


Who is your favorite painters?

Too many to name….depends on the day and my mood!

Where can we see more of your work?

instagram: drippin_soul
FB: Artist Kalkidan Assefa