Dominique Boisvenue, 2015 Ottawa Finalist


Interview by Nick Hebb

A Franco-Ontarian from Field, Dominique Boisvenue’s nomadic journey has allowed her to exercise her graffiti from northern Ontario to France. A strong advocate for abolishing negative perceptions of graffiti and street art, through her travels and studies at the Ottawa School of Art, she has evolved as a mixed media artist and an active facilitator of the arts in Ottawa. Her work can be seen in galleries, public buildings and on outdoor venues. Painting with Art Battle since 2013 and with an exceptionally strong performance this season, Dominique has earned the title of All Star, and a spot in the 2015 Ottawa City Finals where she will face 15 other artists in the persuit of qualifying for the National Championship.

You can see Dominique paint live at the 2015 Art Battle Ottawa City Finals on June 12!

What drew you to Art Battle?

The organizers awesome energy. When inquiring about AB 52, I met Jamil and Morgan. Everything they were selling I was buying.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 4.04.33 PM

How much do you prepare what you’ll be painting before you do a battle?

I don’t.  I know some practice their paintings. It’s awesome to seethe evolution on social media. But for me I love speaking with the crowd and feeding off their epic vibes.

What would it mean to you to compete in the Art Battle National Championships?

Wow! The nationals. That I did the right thing by quitting all my jobs to concentrate on art and only art.

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Who is your favorite painter?

My favorite painter is Ai Weiwei. He questions everything for the love and benefit of the ppl he loves so much. The people who share his native land.

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Where can we see more of your work?

My work, due to the medium I use my works can always be seen. I  have murals on the daily grind, across the street from Monopolate, So good restaurant.I will however be participating in shows at Pressed cafe and the ministry of coffee in August. June 25 I’m participating at FRESH at Babylon and June 13th at the 613Bbq mugshots.