2014 Nationals Champions Collection

Art Battle Canada works with some of the best painters from across the country. The 2014 National Championship featured 20 artists from 9 provinces and territories. We are proud to represent and offer for sale these exceptional studio works from these top Art Battle painters, all of the pieces showcased here are available for purchase. For more information or to purchase, please contact [email protected] or call 416-302-5959 to make arrangements.

The 2014 Art Battle National Champions Collection

11 Art Battle regional champions offer works for sale



Yared Nigussu – 2014 Art Battle National Champion

Head No. 1 – 24 x 18 – Acrylic on Canvas -$1,250

3 time National Champion, Yared’s saturated use of colour and free-flowing movement keep the eye darting from one brush stroke to the next. With a wide range of subject matter from portraits to landscapes, the vibrant expression and drama in each piece is undeniable. yarednigussu.com


Yared Nigussu – Head No. 1

Allan André – Ottawa Champion

Unknown Martyrs of Capitalism – 60 x 40 – Oil on Canvas -$900

Known for his graphic realist works infused with a deep narrative of colour and emotion. Inspired by his travels as well as the personal connections he has made along the way, Allan believes that art is the fuel that drives us in all facets of life. allanandre.com


nc14-allan andre-martyrs of capitalism

Allan André – Unknown Martyrs of Capitalism


Carlos Delgado – Toronto Champion

Cleansing – 18 x 20 – Acrylic, Charcoal on Canvas – $400

Carlos is a Toronto based Colombian artist. His works mix the urban with the rural, and the traditional with the modern. Carlos explores the complexity of human beings and their connection to culture, the environment and one another. artcarlosdelgado.com

nc14-carlos delgado-cleansing

Carlos Delgado – Cleansing

John Boivin – Whitehorse Champion 

Tangled – 12 x 30 – Acrylic on Canvas – $550 – SOLD

Summer Storm – 24 x 24 – Acrylic on Canvas – $350

Winter Study – 24 x 18 – Acrylic on Canvas – $350

Inspired by Canada’s True Northwest, John creates mostly in nature, capturing the majesty and staggering beauty and power of the landscapes surrounding him, and drawing on the strength of memory and observation. boivinarts.com

More works available by John

nc14-john boivin-tangled

John Boivin – Tangled


John Boivin – Summer Storm


John Boivin – Winter Study


Katrina Manigbas – Toronto Champion

Rush – 24 x 36 – Acrylic on Canvas – $700 

Katrina is a Toronto based artist from the Philippines who first discovered her love of painting in 2011, the same year that she moved to Canada. Katrina’s work focuses on creating a dynamic balance of emotion, free flowing representation, and impressionism. facebook.com/katrina.manigbas

nc14-katrina manigbas-rush

Katrina Manigbas – Rush

Lazarus Ioannou – Collingwood Champion 

Field & Stream – 12 x 18 – Acrylic on Wood Panel – $375 – SOLD

Lazarus’s works have been described as “organized chaos” wherein colours, shapes and lines intertwine to reveal stylized textural visions of the Great Lakes regions, creating scenes that seem familiar because of their emotive quality and iconic visual clues. lazarusi.me


nc14-Lazarus Ioannou-field and stream

Lazarus Ioannou – Field and Stream


More works available by Lazarus


nc14-lazarus Ioannou-outcrop

Lazarus Ioannou – Outcrop

Outcrop – 16 x 16 – Acrylic on Wood – $475 

Lindsey MacKay, Fredericton Champion

Birds Of A Feather – 22 x 12 – Acrylic, Liquid Gold Leaf and Resin on Canvas – $500

From the complexity of a cityscape to the simplicity and effortless balance of a flower, Lindsey draws creative energy from all that surrounds her. That energy is channelled into the creation of vibrant and textural works. lindseymackayvisualartist.com


nc14-Lindsey MacKay-Birds of a Feather

Lindsey MacKay – Birds Of A Feather

Maliciouz – Montréal Champion

Mask 3 – 20 x 30 – Mixed Media – $600

Maliciouz affirms in her identity as a black woman through her art, which she builds positively by showing the strengths of her people rather than contestation and the wounds of history. Her works blend tribal aesthetics and references to Black myths adapted to contemporary times. Maliciouz.com



Maliciouz – Mask No. 3


Marianne Harris – Alberta Champion

Forest Friendship – 22 x 15 – Watercolour and Acrylic Pen on Archival Watercolour Paper – $600

Marianne is inspired by an absolute love of creating. Each piece is its own relationship of vision and process. Taking inspiration from an array of influences, her work is a result of personal impressions of the people and environments that surround her. paintwerxstudios.blogspot.ca


nc14-marianne-harris-forest friendship

Marianne Harris – Forest Friendship

Olga Pankova – Markham Champion

Fireworks – 16 x 20 – Acrylic on Canvas – $750

Olga’s colour-rich works radiate with vitality. Known for her joyful depictions of an array of subject matter, Olga’s current focus is representational painting.  Eclectic, yet harmonious, her works seem to exist in a domain of dreams. olgazart.com

nc14-olga pankova-fireworks

Olga Pankova – Fireworks


Puneet Kohli – Mississauga Champion

Fall – 42 x 32 – Acrylic on Canvas – $800

Puneet brings vibrant lanscapes and brooding portraiture to life in any setting, whether he’s on the Art Battle stage, or in front of a TV audience. Puneet’s diverse subject matter allows him to escape, meditate, and create. kohliart.com

nc14-puneet kohli-fall

Puneet Kohli – Fall

For more information or to purchase, please contact [email protected] or call 416-302-5959 to make arrangements. 🙂