Omar “Oms” Hopkinson


Omar Hopkinson is one of Ottawa’s most celebrated live painters.

Known as ‘Oms’ (pronounced ‘Oh-mmmms’) to those close to him, he is originally from Toronto and has been classically trained at OCAD and Toronto School of Art. Oms has been a been a live performing artist for the past 15 years, doing shows in Toronto, Montréal, New York City, New Jersey and more. He is also the winning painter of Art Battle 14 in Toronto and a feature painter at Art Battle Canada’s first Grand Championships in July 2011.

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Currently he works as live artist in Ottawa, performing regularly at Mercury Lounge and Mugshots. Most recently Oms was seen live painting at the prestigious Ottawa Gala. He has been featured on CBC Radio Ottawa and has performed alongside the likes of Jojo Flores, Dennis Ferrer and more.

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When not painting live, Oms has worked on several music projects, completing work on an EP and performing across Canada in the group OuttaMind and opening for Shad K in concert.

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Omar ‘Oms’ Hopkinson is the founder and operator of Beneficial Art Movement and ‘Le LACS’ (Live Art Concert Series). His goal and passion is to help artists and audience focus on the unifying spirit, rather than that which separates.