Selected: Studio Works by Art Battle Painters, Part 1 at #Hashtag Gallery

Selected: Studio Works by Art Battle Painters, Part 1 at #Hashtag Gallery

Art Battle Canada is proud to be hosting two dedicated gallery exhibitions at #Hashtag Gallery in Toronto. These shows feature amazing studio paintings selected from artists who have competed with ABC in live events across the country.

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Part 1 runs from Jan 22nd to Jan 25th
Opening reception 7-10pm on Thursday Jan 22th
Part 2 runs from Jan 29th to Feb 1st
Opening reception on 7-10pm on Friday Jan 30th

Al Barazi

Martin – 16 x 20 – Acrylic on Canvas

Opening Bid $325

Al Barazi is a multidisciplinary figurative artist born in Kuwait, and is currently based in Toronto and is known for his ability to convey the inner lives and emotions of his subjects. Al has been the recipient of various awards, including “Top Emerging Artist” at the Emerging Toronto Artist Awards 2014, and winner of Art Battle 182.

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Al Barazi Part 1

Martin – Al Barazi



Alexandra Garant

Echo – 16 x 20 – Oil on Canvas

Opening Bid $250

Queen of Double Eyes, Alexandra Garant studied visual arts at Notre-Dame-De-Foy College just outside Quebec City, and is now based in Toronto. Her figurative oil paintings offer a graphic quality combined with traditional portrait techniques, and combine pop surrealist, baroque and kitsch influences. Alex’s work has been published widely, and she was recently a featured artist in Art Katalyst Magazine, as well as the 2015 Society 6 Calendar.

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Echo - Alex Garant

Echo – Alex Garant

 Andre Kan

Intake – 16 x 20 – Acrylic on Wood

Opening Bid $300
Andre Kan is an artist who deconstructs the influence of space on personal identity and memory, through the creation of abstracted architectural environments. His work suggests urban and suburban, interior, and exterior spaces that question the imaginative, allowing the viewer to reevaluate their perception of space and the structural possibilities therein.
Andre has been recognized with numerous awards, including Best in Show at Future is Now (#Hashtag Gallery) and Jurors Choice in The Big Art Book Issue 3
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Andre Kan part 1

Intake – Andre Kan

Beverley Rosenberg

Dance Lessons – 24 x 36 – Mixed Media on Canvas

Opening Bid $300

Beverley Rosenberg tells the stories and inner lives of her subjects using animals and nature to suggest the complexities related to human relationships. Using nuance in colour and composition, each work tells the story of a single relationship and the feelings of it’s subjects and through their own self-discovery.

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Dance Lessons - Beverly Rosenberg

Dance Lessons – Beverly Rosenberg


Chen Cao

Kevin – 11 x 14 – Oil on Masonite

Opening Bid $275

Chen Cao is a painter dedicated to realism, who uses his work to explore the impermanence of the individual. Chen’s paintings contemplate the value of the human body using the figure to connect human consciousness with external circumstances.

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Kevin - Chen Cao

Kevin – Chen Cao


Daniel St-Amant

Fox Life – 20 x 30 – Oil on Canvas

Opening Bid $825

Daniel St-Amant’s current series of work, “Modern Surfaces” is at once confrontational and contemplative of human influence on the natural world. Laying his canvas on the road, Daniel invites urban life to contribute to the creation of each work through the prints of tire tracks, before painting the resilient figures of wildlife into the composition to reclaim the space.

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Daniel St-Amant part 1 (b)


David McKenzie

Gaze – 18 x 24 – Oil on Canvas

Opening Bid $300

David McKenzie’s conscious transition from representational to referential painter, yields intensely personal works crafted with glutinous amounts of oil paint. The resulting work, both intensely personal in its genesis and impossible to read as a window into the artists’ mind, celebrates the failure and success of painting all at once.

David has been recognized with various awards including the “Passion in Paint” Award at the OCAD University’s annual graduate exhibition, Best in Show Award for Outstanding Artist at the Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show, and winner of Art Battle 17.

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Gaze - David McKenzie

Gaze – David McKenzie

 Dominique Fung

Jessine in Cadmium Orange – 9 x 12 – Oil on Board

Opening Bid $350
Dominique Fung is an illustrator and fine artist who’s work often explores the creative relationship that occurs through her use of design and fine art in conjunction with one another. Through the unique colour choices and soft paint strokes, she showcases the contrasting yet cohesive nature of her subject matter. 

Dominique has exhibited her work in several group shows in Toronto, Spain, Virginia and Los Angeles.

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Jessine in Cadmium Orange - Dominique Fung

Jessine in Cadmium Orange – Dominique Fung

Emmanuel Laflamme

To Be or Not to Be (Your Father) – 16 x 20 – Acrylic on Canvas

Opening Bid $175

Emmanuel Laflamme is a Montreal based artist who combines popular imagery with humour, creating scenes with strong meaning that lead us to laugh and think. Combining cultural references, he diverts ancient and modern myths to serve as his perspective on the world, at once tender and critical. Emmanuel has exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada, the United States and France.

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Emmanuel Laflamme part 1

To be or Not to be (Your Father) – Emmanuel Laflamme

John Boivin

Autumn Trail – 18 x 24 – Acrylic on Canvas

Opening Bid $400

John Boivin is a Yukon based artist and writer who’s work is done en plein air, painting outside in the Canadian tradition employed by the Group of Seven. John uses no photographs in executing his work, rather relying on close observation and memory to accurately depict the inherent romance and majesty of the natural landscape.

John has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in Yukon, and represented Whitehorse in the 2014 Art Battle National Championships at the iconic Maple Leaf Gardens.

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john-boivin part 1

Autumn Trail – John Boivin



Jw Pang

Firebird – 10 x 10 – Watercolour and ink on Paper
Opening Bid: $400

Jw Pang is an artist and illustrator with a unique ability to blend real world concepts with surreal imagery and a dramatic flair. Jw was a finalist in the 2013 Art Battle National Championship at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and his works have been featured in international publications CMYK Magazine and Creative Quarterly.

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JW Pang - Firebird

Firebird – JW Pang



Karen Grosman

Temptation – 30 x 40 – Oil on Canvas

Opening Bid: $825
Karen Grosman is an artist exploring issues of identity and power inspired by Foucault’s writings on power structures. Examining different binaries within contemporary culture and history, which she explores the naturalization of ideas surrounding race, gender and military organizations. Karen’s works have been showcased in National and International exhibitions and private collections in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Denmark.
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Karen Grosman part 1

Temptation – Karen Grosman


Keith Eager

Alexandra – 16 x 20 – Oil on Panel
Opening Bid: $275
Keith Eager’s practice positions him as the artist as storyteller. His work depicts moments of drama, conflict and crises, drawing on observation, memory and allegory. Influenced by the old masters, contemporary art and popular culture, his imagery incorporates the vocabulary of symbolism, surreality and mimesis.  Keith was a Finalist in the 2014 Art Battle Toronto Finals.
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Keith Eager Part 1

Alexandra – Keith Eager

Kevin Columbus

Midnight in December – 14×18 – Oil on Panel
Opening Bid: $300
Kevin Columbus is an artist who appropriates elements of pre-modern masterpieces and combines them with personal memories, subconscious impulses and varied subject matter, through the lense of refined understanding of perceptive drawing and painting. This integration creates portraits, landscapes, and elaborate narratives of either drama, tragedy, desperation or prophecy. Kevin represented Toronto at the 2013 Art Battle National Championships at the Art Gallery of Ontario, was the recent winner of the All Star Art Battle 200, and has exhibited work in Canada and Italy.
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Midnight in December - Kevin Columbus

Midnight in December – Kevin Columbus

Lavinia Ungureanu

Propeller 3 – 21 x 17 – Aerosol on Mylar

Opening Bid: $450

Lavinia Ungureanu

Lavinia Ungureanu is a multi-disciplinary artist with a strong focus on fine art and graphic design. Lavinia’s work is often inspired by fashion illustration, the emotional spectrum, dreams and memories. Her work is colourful and energetic, but also meaningful and introspective. Representing Toronto, Lavinia was a finalist in the 2014 Art Battle National Championship at the iconic Maple Leaf Gardens.

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Propeller 3 - Lavinia Ungureanu

Propeller 3 – Lavinia Ungureanu

Mandycka Johnson

Queen Poly – 8 x 10 – Canvas PrintOpening Bid: $100
Mandycka Johnson specializes in illustration, painting and graphic and digital media arts. Her work is a combination of symbolic images that explore the creation of man kind, culture and the human condition, while seeking to highlight the different attributes of inter-connectivity, and the importance of recognizing the ties between us all.
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Queen Poly - Mandycka Johnson

Queen Poly – Mandycka Johnson

Monika Wright

Rebirth – 36 x 28 – Acrylic on Canvas
Opening Bid: $725
Monika Wright is a Halifax based painter who’s transformative work seeks to rearrange our vision of the world, in relation to territory, geography, religion and economy. In a world obsessed with darkness, her work introduces light, hope and joy, in an effort to challenge personal perspectives. Monika has exhibited extensively across Canada, and was the winner of Art Battle 47 in Halifax.
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Rebirth - Monika Wright

Rebirth – Monika Wright


Nick Sweetman

Warning – 18 x 24 – Acrylic and Latex Paint on Canvas
Opening Bid: $350
Nick Sweetman’s work draws attention to physical and conceptual sites of intersection between humans and their environment. Questioning the divisions enacted by concepts of urban space, nature, and culture, Nick reimagines the constructed environments of reality, exposing them to the transformative powers of natural reclaimation. Nick has exhibited extensively in Toronto, culminating with his first solo exhibition at Project Gallery November 2014. Nick was the winner of Art Battle 168, qualifying him for the 2015 Toronto Finals.
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Warning - Nick Sweetman

Warning – Nick Sweetman


Nicole Little

Portrait of a Smoker and Her Addiction – 8 x 11 – Ink and Oil on Paper
Opening Bid: $150
Nicole Little is an artist who sees creative opportunity in the throng of anonymity found on public transit. Using the TTC as an extension of her studio, Nicole experiences life through her work and the compulsive need to record passing moments, drawing what she sees, not the imagined ideal. Nicole was recently a part of the Art in Transit initiative, bringing art work to millions of commuters across Canada.
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Portrait of a Smoker and Her Addiction - Nicole Little

Portrait of a Smoker and Her Addiction – Nicole Little


Paul Dolgov

Canadian Fall – 16 x 20 – Acrylic on Canvas

Opening Bid: $400
Paul Dolgov is a traditional and digital artist, who hones his skills studying in Russia and Canada. Through the use of hellaciously coloured landscapes, eccentric characters and the stories that form the fabric of our culture, Paul uses his work to push the boundaries of art narrative. Paul has exhibited across Ontario, and New York.

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Canadian Fall - Paul Dolgov

Canadian Fall – Paul Dolgov


Paul Nabuurs

Evening Storm – 24 x 26 – Acrylic on Canvas
Opening Bid: $1200
Paul Nabuurs strives to convey his sense of the world around him using vibrant colour and strong compositions creating striking works with a bold colour palette that are at once filled with vibrating energy and nostalgia.  Inspired by a mix of landscapes and city scenes, his works are alive with a fresh and inspiring take on Canadian identity. 

Paul represented Peterborough, and was a finalist in the 2014 Art Battle National Championship held at the iconic Maple Leaf Gardens.

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Evening Storm - Paul Nabuurs

Evening Storm – Paul Nabuurs

Peter Chan

The Pulse – 10 x 10 – Oil on Panel
Opening Bid: $300

Peter Chan’s work focuses on the exploration of the possibilities of self reflection within different conditions of life. Intrigued by natural challenges of the human condition and longing and attachment, his current paintings depict figures in deep solitary thought or within the context of  relationships. Peter uses light and shadow as important metaphorical devices in enhancing the dramatic moment of each narrative.

Peter has exhibited in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Montreal, and Toronto.

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Pulse - Peter Chan

Pulse – Peter Chan


Shannon Leigh MacDonald

The River Dweller – 9 x 12 – Acrylic on Canvas
Opening Bid: $225

Shannon Leigh MacDonald’s work explores the themes of both the familiar and the strange. Inspired by surreal art, psychedelic music and folklore, Shannon seeks to take subjects from the natural world and bring them into a parallel world of shifted colours and surreal landscapes that question the reality around us.

Shannon was awarded the 2014 Shout out Award For Artistic Contribution at Wasted Space in Oshawa, Ontario.

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The River Dweller - Shannon Leigh MacDonald

The River Dweller – Shannon Leigh MacDonald

Vishal Misra

Serene 2 – 36 x 48 – Mixed Media on Canvas
Opening Bid: $1750

Vishal Misra‘s abstraction of human figures is not necessarily a visual statement. The alterations and the creative representations of the subjects are purely conceptual; the relationship between the image and the idea is strictly incidental. Vishal strives to portray the clash between the realities of life and the fallacy of human thoughts and desires.

Vishal has participated in numerous solo group exhibitions in USA, Canada, Asia and Europe.

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Serene 2 - Vishal Misra

Serene 2 – Vishal Misra