Interested in competing or hosting an Art Battle UK event?

Artists, help bring Art Battle® to your town or city? Apply to host a local UK Art Battle event.

Upcoming Events:

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Past Events:

Art Battle Bristol – 8 February 2019 – Trinity Centre

Winner – Rosie Caley!

Art Battle Bristol – 13 November 2018 – Marble Factory

Winner – Liam Callebout!

Art Battle Bristol – 2 October 2018 – Marble Factory 

Winner – Sophie Galliers!

Copyright Harry @ It’sJust.ART

Art Battle Bristol – 10 July 2018 – Marble Factory 

Winner – Andrew Burns Colwill! 

Art Battle Bristol – 15 May 2018 – Marble Factory –  Bristol had its inaugural Art Battle on 15 May! 12 Artists took to the stage to battle the clock & each other in an epic showdown! Winner – Ian Price!

Photo by Harry @ It’sJust.ART

Battle Royal – 30 Sept 2017 – Albert Hall – The 10 winners of Art Battle Manchester return for the Champion of Champions showdown at Manchester’s forgotten Wesleyan Chapel now restored to the city premier music venue. Battle Royal featured a ‘celebrity’ battle, burlesque dancers, rock bands and more. The event raised £2400 for the city’s homeless.  Winner – David K Goodwin. 

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

Art Battle Manchester X – 6th May 2017 – Projekts Skatepark – ‘The skirmish in the Skatepark’ under a motorway saw a fierce battle while some of the city’s top street artists left their mark on the skatepark. Skaters did some tricks on the half-pipes while fire breathers put on a stunning show. One of the co-founders of Art Battle Manchester went into labour at the event, so it was a memorable weekend! Winner – Michael Browne

Art Battle Manchester IX – 17th Feb 2017 – Gorilla – The Thrilla in Gorilla saw visual artists take over a music venue. The artists were serenaded by a brass band playing hip-hop classics to get the crowd in the mood. Winner – Lee Hartley

Art Battle Manchester VIII – 14th Oct 2016 – London Road Fire Station – This much loved beautiful grade II listed building had been derelict for over 30 years. The artists brought the stunning venue back to life with a live battle, while street artists sprayed up an old fire engine. The winner was wildcard entrant Dano, who only agreed to take part on the day after one of the artists couldn’t take part. Fortune favours the brave, or maybe he didn’t have enough time to get nervous! Winner – Dano Vojtek

Art Battle Manchester VII – 9th July 2016 – Mantra Warehouse – This battle took place in the old industrial heart of the city – Ancoats. Street Artists also did a live battle while serenaded by classical musicians. Winner of the battle was tattooist Chewit who won the crowd over with his stunning owl painting Winner – Chewit Self  Winner of Street Battle – Jay Sharples