2018 US Art Battle National Tournament
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In Spring/Summer of 2018, US Art Battle Regional Championship events will be held in: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Detroit, and Seattle. Many other cities will participate by sending their champions to one of these qualifiers.

In the end, Summer of 2018 will see 16 of America’s finest live artists will compete for audience votes, cash prizes, and the title of 2018 US Art Battle Champion!

Upcoming events

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AB1678 - New York - 20/7/2018

New York City! Art Battle International live competitive painting series, connecting the amazing New York live painting community to the world. 12 artists compete in timed rounds of live painting, it’s a sizzling night of creation and celebration. It’s a wild night, great music, paint flies and masterpieces are created before your eyes. *Art Battle New York is proudly sponsored ... Read More

AB1679 - Dallas - 04/08/2018

Art Battle® can’t wait to come to Dallas! Please join us at Show Business Studios on Saturday, August 4th for a wonderful afternoon of creativity and community, a live painting tournament showcasing local artists and connecting Dallas to towns and cities around the world! Come watch as artists transform blank canvases into beautiful pieces of art in just 20 minutes, ... Read More

AB1680 - Austin - 25/08/2018

We are adding hotness to August in Austin! Join us for an amazing night of live competitive painting at The Belmont. Come watch as artists transform blank canvases into beautiful pieces of art in just 20 minutes, and then vote to determine the winner! All artwork will also be available for silent auction. It’s always new, it’s always fun – ... Read More

AB1689 - Las Vegas - September 13, 2018

Art Battle® can’t wait to return to Las Vegas! Join us for an amazing night of live competitive painting at The Bunkhouse Saloon! Artists have 20 minutes to take their canvases from blank to beautiful, and the audience votes to determine the winner. It’s always new, it’s always fun! All artwork created will also be available via silent auction. We ... Read More

AB1690 - Jacksonville - 15/09/2018

Art Battle® can’t wait to return to Jacksonville! Join us for an amazing night of live competitive painting at Hotel Palms! Artists have 20 minutes to take their canvases from blank to beautiful, and the audience votes to determine the winner. It’s always new, it’s always fun! All artwork created will also be available via silent auction. We hope to ... Read More

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Thank you to tournament sponsor Fredrix Canvas for allowing us to use the finest art materials in select cities, including Art Battle paint produced in California by Da Vinci Paint. Thank you also to FM Brushes for their gift of brushes to Art Battle artists!



Private events & mural production

Art Battle works with charities and brands to produce special events in celebration of artistic talent. Our top artists are also engaged in mural production across the country. Contact us for more information.

Past Events

New York (West Village, Le Poisson Rouge) 9:22:17

Art Battle kicked off it’s 2017/2018 US National Championship in NYC with a great event at Le Poisson Rouge featuring 12 artists (Dragon76, Nadine Samuel, ANJL, Kim Tateo, Gabrielle Broome, Sarah Seaman, Pinokio, Sasha Lov, Andrea Hines, Vincent Infinity, Jake Nelson, Michelle Staton) Art Battle NYC Champion – Ben Angotti, George Garcia, and an amazing audience. In the final round ... Read More

Los Angeles (Downtown LA, Exchange LA) 9:20:17

Los Angeles came out strong to kick off the Art Battle National Championship. Held at the famed Exchange LA a 16 artist battle (featuring: Jessica Blowers, Suni Mullen, Nessie Blaze, Ryan Zweng, Guillermo Luna, Madison DiDomenicantonio, Catalina Garreton, SPAZ 12, Erin Hammond, NelaJ, David Howler, Hannah Webb, Nick McGee, Karen Wall Garrison, Noemi Barajas, Art Barbie) showcased some of the top ... Read More

New York - 15 yrs (Hudson Square, 100 Ave. of Americas) 12:15:16

Art Battle celebrated 15 Years of Battles in style with a mural exhibition by Art Battle All-Stars (Cern, MDot, Andre Trenier) and a spectacular one night 16 artist tournament. The battle featured veteran artists Marthalicia Matarrita, Antonio Zito, and Leif Mcilwaine and newcomers Scott Walker, Aida Miro, Michelle Cirotti, Sara Jean-Baptiste, and Ricardo Roques. The competition was fueled with positive ... Read More

New York (West Village, Le Poisson Rouge) 4:30:15

In the Art Battle NYC arena at Le Poisson Rouge it was a 2v2 battle between some exciting artists known for their work in the street (Meres One OTM of the legendary 5 pointz with Auks One OTM vs. Denton Burrows of Centrefuge with JPO).  The battle was intense as these largescale artists collab’d on a canvas. Paint was thrown but ... Read More

London (Pentonville) 1:15:14

At a super car club in London a crowd of celebrity athletes gathered to watch the first London Art Battle. Artists Edie Lawrence, Ewa Moss, David Yarnell and Step 39 wowed the room and the young Edie Lawrence took their hearts with her vibrant and honest portrait of the Notorious B.I.G..

Los Angeles (Downtown, Exchange LA) 8:8:13

Four LA Art Battle All-Stars (Michael Pukac, Malcom Stuart, Gregory Siff, and Espy) battled it out at Exchange LA to find the 2013 Art Battle LA Champion. The crowd was rowdy and the artists were on point, in the end it was Michael Pukac of Art Battle France and Spain who represented for his home city and was named 2013 ... Read More

New York (Chelsea, The Wall) 6:28:13

Art Battle Spain Champion El Niño de Las Pinturas comes to NYC to battle the best artists in the arena Ben Angotti, Andre Trenier but, before they battle the three artists collaborate on a giant indoor mural. On the big night the mural is unveiled the wild-card round begins featuring Art Battle US champion in Paris 2012 Lexi Bella vs. MDot, ... Read More

New York (Hell's Kitchen, Yotel) 6:3:12

Art Battle Barcelona Champion KRAM comes to NYC to battle local legends Pesu, Zito, and Rizz22 in Hell’s Kitchen. In a festive environment with contortionists, facepainting, and musical performers Art Battle artists went head to head to increase their ranking. In the end Zito represented his city with a powerful portrait of Christopher Walken, but not all was lost for our Barcelona ... Read More

New York (NoLita, The Gym) 4:5:11

In a hidden venue, downtown Manhattan 4 of Art Battle New York’s top live painters (Antonio Zito, Yatika Starr Fields, Gianna Gutierrez, and Ben Angotti) battled it out to represent NYC in Spain during the Art Battle Spain championships of 2011/2012.  The crowd selected Antonio Zito after a two-round battle.  Later in Madrid Zito was nicknamed “El Peligroso” for his ... Read More

New York (Brooklyn, Brooklyn Art Museum) 7:3:10

On a summer day at the Brooklyn Art Museum Art Battle four incredible artists threw down for the entertainment of an incredible Brooklyn audience. After a near tie between Lexi Bella and Concep the artists entered into a sudden death 10 minute round in which Lexi destroyed and rebuilt her image of Madonna for the win.

Miami (Wynwood) 2:27:10

In Wynwood Miami artists Kazilla, Jeff Dekal, Svetlana, Andres Correa and Julie Friel faced-off in Miami’s first Art Battle. The well attended event was held at Easy Street Gallery. All of the artists started with a different color and finished with excellent works of art. In the end the audience selected Julie Friel as the first Art Battle Miami Champion.

New York (West Village, Le Poisson Rouge) 8:27:09

Leif Mcilwaine, Lexi Bella, Ben Angotti and Kevin Ragnott battle it out in the underground West Village Venue in front of an enthusiastic audience. In the end Ben Angotti took the win keeping him in the winners circle.

New York (West Village, Le Poisson Rouge) 3:20:09

Artist Andre Trenier wins the first round in a two round event against Venus, Bono, and Zito thus pitting him in a large format battle against current NYC Champion Leif Mcilwaine. Jus Ske provided the soundtrack as veteran champion Leif faced newcomer Andre. The crowd was in awe as the two mastered artists began flinging paint and ultimately Art Battle ... Read More

New York (Brooklyn, Rush Arts Gallery) 9:12:09

At Danny Simmons Rush Arts (Brooklyn) Gallery, Art Battle artists painted in a gallery style exhibition featuring their live art stylings. Artists included NY champion Concep, Marthalicia Mataritta, Victor, Leif Mcilwaine, Meres One, Then and more.

New York (West Village, Le Poisson Rouge) 9:26:08

At Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village Art Battle featured a solo every person for themselves battle as well as a 2 vs. 2 team battle. The team battle was a face-off between Marthalicia and her brother Tomas Matarita versus friends and collaborators Pesu and Rizz22 with the win going to the Mataritas.  In the solo battle favorites Then, ... Read More

New York (Times Square, MTV) 6:5:07

In the center of Times Square NYC an epic New York battle went down on the MTV terraces. Artists Brian Ermanski, Concep, Nick Poe, Martina Kubinyi, Ben Angotti, Ellie Pyle, Kevin Ragnott, and Leif Mcilwaine threw down while host ESPO kept the public informed. After a feature in Times Square and a live vote on MTV Brooklyn based artist Concep ... Read More

New York (45e Houston) 9:4:01

In downtown NYC 4 days before the 9/11 tragedy, Art Battle hosted it’s first public battle. It was an amazing celebration of art and culture in downtown NYC artists Ben Angotti, Sean Bono, Mr. Metro battled it out for 2 hours before the crowd chose NYC’s native son Maximillian Bode as it’s champion.