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2015 International Live Painting Championship

July 24, 2015 @ 1:00 pm - July 25, 2015 @ 4:00 pm


Art Battle International Live Painting Championship 

ILPC picture - Yared

2015 Art Battle International Live Painting Championship

DAY 1 –  July 24th, 1-4pm

Trinity Square
Distillery District
55 Mill Street
Toronto, ON

DAY 2 –  July 25th, 4-6pm

Nathan Philips Square
100 Queen St West
Toronto, ON

Visual artists from the Americas compete in a live Art Battle across 2 days of Live Competitive Painting! Champion painters from Pan-Am countries have 20 minutes to do the best work they can using acrylic paint. The audience votes for their favourite paintings and the scores are carried over to Day 2 at Nathan Phillips Square on July 25 4pm, where the International Live Painting Champion will be crowned!


Scroll down to see the painters who are featured in the 2015 International Live Painting Championship





Photo by Scott Lennon Photography


Leanna TenEycke – 2015 Art Battle Canada National Champion

Oakville based Leanna TenEycke is a passionate artist whose work draws from the realms of the surreal and fantastic to produce ethereal characters and the worlds they inhabit.

A fierce competitor, Leanna has won every event she has painted in – and just last week was crowned the 2015 Art Battle Canada National Champion! Leanna will be representing Canada in the first ever International Live Painting Championship.



Photo by Scott Lennon Photography

Photo by Scott Lennon Photography

Jill Higgins – New Brunswick Champion, Canada

Jill Higgins is an artist and architect, practicing in Saint John, New Brunswick. Using art as an outlet, Jill draws inspiration from the act of creation itself, and from the raw beauty of Canadian landscape. Influences such as The Group of Seven and the Impressionists, blend to yield work that lives and breathes with the vitality of the environments she depicts.

After an incredible first season, Jill represented New Brunswick in the 2015 Art Battle National Championship, where she made it to the Final Round earning her spot and the right to represent her province and country in the International Live Painting Championship.


AB300-Mary-Louise Scappaticci

Photo by Scott Lennon Photography

Mary-Louise Scappaticci – Eastern Ontario Champion, Canada

Influenced by travel, and the possibilities and experiences of life, Brockville based visual artist Mary-Louise Scappaticci creates work with emotional intensity. Using colour, light and texture, she expresses the dialog, needs and journeys of her subjects.

While facing off against the best live painters in Canada, Ma in the Finals at the Tett Centre in Kingston, Mary-Louise blew the crowd away with her vibrant and energetic work, and will be representing Eastern Ontario in the 2015 Art Battle National Championship.

AB300-Allee Olmstead

Photo by Scott Lennon Photography

Allee Olmstead – Saskatchewan Champion, Canada

A recent graduate from the University of Regina with a BFA in Visual Arts, Allee Olmstead is a Regina based artist inspired by psychology and myth. Exploring the nature of mental health and psychiatric disorders, Allee’s work features surrealistic depictions of animals and women, raising issues of real and perceived vulnerability.

After winning the first ever Art Battle event in Regina, Allee moved on to the Regina Finals where she again was victorious and earned the title of Regina City Champion as well as the right to represent her city in the 2015 Art Battle National Championship.



AB300-Diane Fontaine

Photo by Scott Lennon Photography

Diane Fontaine – Ottawa Champion, Canada

Mixed media artist and owner of Gatineau based collaborative art space and gallery L’ESPACE 654, Diane Fontaine is inspired by the human body, portraits of multicultural women and horses. Exploring emotions, depth and movement through shadow contrasts and extreme light within her work.

Diane was the winner of the Ottawa City Finals and will be representing Ottawa in the 2015 Art Battle National Championships.


ab399 katrina

Katrina Manigbas painting in the 2014 Canadian National Championship


Katrina Manigbas – Toronto Representative, Canada

Katrina Manigbas is a young artist filled with ideas, ambition and creativity. Growing up in the Philippines, Katrina first discovered her love of painting after coming to Canada in 2011. It was the spark that lit the desire to become an artist, and became the driving force of her inspiration and determination. Armed with a bold palette and attacking the canvas with creative zeal, Katrina catapulted to live painting success in her first season of Art Battle. At only 22 years old, Katrina has transformed from a self taught artist to a hometown hero and live painting sensation.



Photo by Scott Lennon Photography

Photo by Scott Lennon Photography

Ame Papatsie – Nunavut Representative, Canada
Ame Papatsie is an award winning Inuit artist, animator, and story teller from Pangnirtung, Nunavut, who creates artworks inspired by his cultural heritage. Famous for his perfected technique of two handed painting, Ame is one of the most exciting live painting artists in Canada.

Teresa Haderer OKC ILPC 2015

Teresa Haderer – Oklahoma State Champion, USA
Oklahoma City based artist Teresa Haderer, is a texturally focused abstract artist whose work engages with the act of creation and its expression through mark making. Through her joyful performance and careful consideration of each move, Teresa quickly became a fan favourite in Art Battle Canada’s sister event series Ultimate Painting, winning the first ever Oklahoma City Championship.

Teresa will be represent the State of Oklahoma as well as America, in the 2015 International Live Painting Championship.


ILPC tracey marshall

Photo by Rebecca Harrelson

Tracey Marshall – North Carolina State Champion, USA

Known for her ability bring vibrancy, energy and skillful execution to a wide range of subject matter, North Carolina based artist and instructor Tracey Marshall sees art as a means of exploring and expressing life experience.

It was that same energy that made her Ultimate Painting performance this year an undeniable success, where she took the audience by storm at the North Carolina State Championship and earned her spot in the 2015 International Live Painting Competition.



meranda turbak
Meranda Turbak – Minnesota State Champion, USA

Inspired by process, and the visual dialog that emerges from organic exploration, Minneapolis based artist Meranda Turbak uses her work to explore the inner workings of her mind and questions related to pop culture, and notions of tradition.

Meranda’s ability to see inspiration in improvisation lead to her win at the Ultimate Painting Minneapolis Finals, earning her spot in the 2015 International Live Painting Championship.


John French by Bruce Bachelder

Photo by Bruce Bachelder

John French – Illinois State Champion, USA

Dedicated to his craft, Elgin, Illinois based artist, 1and educator John French has spent the last 10 years learning almost all possible mediums of drawing and painting. Creating works exploring his experiences and observations of the spiritual, emotional, and physical world, John executes pieces that are at once intricate and contemplative.

John’s skills brought him victory at the Ultimate Painting Illinois Final, earning his spot in the 2015 International Live Painting Competition.



UP Michigan Amy de la Merced

Amy de la Merced – Michigan Champion, USA

Drawing inspiration from her life experiences and surroundings, Detroit based Amy de la Merced is an artist, arts educator and muralist who sees artistic possibility everywhere from architecture to graffiti.

Amy’s versatility and vibrant style won her the Ultimate Painting Michigan Final, and a spot in the International Live Painting Championship.
up-reno-katie brennan

Katherine Brennan – Nevada State Champion, USA

Reno, Nevada based artist and arts instructor Katherine Brennan uses her work to examine the relationship between darkness and light, exploring the unspoken aspects of personality to reveal the light at the end of the tunnel.

Katherine’s unique perspective struck a cord at the Ultimate Painting Reno Finals, where she won and earned her spot in the 2015 International Live Painting Championship.


Francisco Castro Lostalo

Photo of Francisco appearing on Hey Latino TV

Francisco Castro Lostalo – Costa Rica Representative

Costa Rican artist, sculptor and multimedia artist Francisco Castro Lostalo is always seeking to challenge himself with different media and new techniques. His latest series of large scale paintings depict creatures of the ocean with realism and reverence.

Francisco will be representing Costa Rica in the 2015 International Live Painting Championship.



alex flores ilcp 2015

Alex Flores – Mexico Representative

Mexican artist, eco-feminist and social justice advocate Alex Flores creates paintings that are inspired by community, architecture, the natural world, and cultural exploration. Combining these influences, Alex seeks to create and share her vision of a world wherein safety, love, justice and peace are the governing powers.

Alex will be representing Mexico in the 2015 International Live Painting Championship.


rodrigo castro

Rodrigo Castro Duarte – Mexico Representative

Mexican artist, Rodrigo Castro is inspired by symmetry, patterns and symbols and explores these ideas through sign signature minimalistic approach in his painting practice.

Rodrigo will be representing Mexico in the 2015 International Live Painting Championship.



harley salamanca ilpc
G. Harley Salamanca – Colombia Representative

Colombian artist G. Harley Salamanca’s work is focused on a variety of themes pertaining to beauty, music, light, memory, heritage and balance. Rejecting traditional ideas of artistic production, Harley’s recent series is based on places that have been accidentally transformed by humans, portraying the impact of human beings on planet earth.

Harley will be representing Colombia in the 2015 International Live Painting Championship.


andre castro ilpc

Andre Castro – Mexico Representative

Andre Castro is a Mexican artist inspired by wild animals in their native habitats, as an expression of untamed primitive wildlife existence, their figures often hidden in his work as intricate psychedelic and abstract forms.

Andre will be representing Mexico in the 2015 International Live Painting Championship.



Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.37.24 PM
Tito Ferrara – Brazil Representitive

São Paulo based artist Tito Ferrara seeks his inspiration in everything he sees and lives, with a style that is the sum of academic study and technical illustration and graffiti. Tito is an Art Battle Brazil Champion competitor and will represent Brazil in the 2015 International Live Painting Competition.
http://titoferrara.com/Rafael Yaluff – Chile Representative

Rafael Yaluff is a Chilean artist who paints plein air in the southern rainforest of Chile, experiencing the strength and ambiguity of the phenomenon itself, and using his work to search for a language to express these experiences.

Rafael will be representing Chile in the 2015 International Live Painting Championship.



July 24, 2015 @ 1:00 pm
July 25, 2015 @ 4:00 pm